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Going for goals!

Thursday 10th January | No comments yet

This week all the children in KS1 thought about their ‘goals.’ They talked about what they wanted to get better at and things they wanted to achieve. Every child has put their ‘goals’ on to a star and soon we will have them all on display in the dining hall, so that every day we will see them and be reminded to keep aiming for our ‘goals.’

The topic for the next 2 weeks in KS1 is all about ‘Electricity‘, so I have put some links on the blog with websites that give information about Electricity.

In Year 2, we encourage children to try and achieve a weekly Mathletics certificate, and to read for 15minutes every day at home, as part of the Extreme Reading Challenge. If you click on the tab at the top of the blog, you will see that we have already started to add comments about some of the books we have been reading.

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