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How to catch a star!

Saturday 12th January | 3 comments

Miss Morecroft read the book ‘How to catch a star’ to the class and then the children thought about how they could design a rocket for the little boy in the story to help him catch a star. They drew and labelled some wonderful designs and then wrote an explanation about how the rocket would do the job. In ICT they word processed their work. Here are some of the brilliant examples.

3 responses to “How to catch a star!”

  1. Polly says:

    I’m proud of this work.

  2. Amalia says:

    I liked Elliot’s rocket very much!!

  3. Peter Harris says:

    So many certificates in assembly. I was particularly pleased that so many children carried on their Mathletics in the holidays! I think that there must be some golds coming soon…

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