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Inspired by Graham Gussin.

Saturday 24th November | 5 comments

Before we went on our trip to Leeds Art Gallery we looked at some of the art works we would see on our visit. One of the artists we looked at was Graham Gussin, and he has an art work at Leeds Art Gallery which we discovered was made from 3 pictures of people that had been cut into strips and then reassembled to make a new picture. We worked in groups of three to create something similar. We had to use a ruler to carefully draw the lines and then cut out the strips. Together each team had to reassemble their pieces so that everyone in the group was happy with the new picture they had created. It was really exciting then to go to the Art GAllery the next day and actually see the picture which Graham Gussin had done displayed.


5 responses to “Inspired by Graham Gussin.”

  1. joe Alice's brother says:

    It looked brilliant i wonderd how you made them………..

  2. mr19107 says:

    hi great work everyone is very clever i am proud of everyone

  3. Madeleine Rawson says:

    That’s really good art work you’ve done 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. aw10296 says:

    fantastic (-: (-: (-: (-:

  5. Graham Gussin says:

    Hello. I saw the pictures that you made and I must say they are fantastic! It looks like you all worked really hard and had a great time making them and I’m really proud of the fact that my picture inspired you guys to make your own. I think it’s really fun the way you have to concentrate to see each person and if you look from a distance it’s like they blur into one. It makes your eyes and your mind work quite hard!
    Well done for all the work and imagination, I hope you find some more art to inspire you soon.
    good luck!
    from Graham

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