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It’s amazing what you can find in our grounds!

Friday 8th June | No comments yet

This week we have been enjoying the outdoors and exploring our grounds.

In our geography lessons we have been on a scavenger hunt and have started to look at maps. We used the compass directions to navigate around a set of cones.


In Maths this week, we have been using mathematical vocabulary for position and direction. We have learned how to direct an object on a grid using forwards, backwards, left and right and have introduced turns using clock wise and anti- clockwise.

Can you give some directions to collect the treasure?

We have also looked at shape patterns and worked out what the 10th shape in the pattern would be. Maybe you could make some of your own patterns?

In English this week we have been reading the story ‘The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis. Children have done some amazing writing from this including a description of the bog baby’s habitat and also a letter to explain how to look after a bog baby. This morning we went on a bog baby hunt in our grounds. We found some weird and wonderful creatures. Next week we will be writing all about them.

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