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Learning with Lego.

Saturday 19th January | 2 comments

When we first decided to use Lego to help us with our Maths the children came up with a very long list of all the ways we could use Lego in our Maths lesson! This week we learned about Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams and used them to help us with Lego sorting.

The children really enjoyed this short video which explains how to use a Venn Diagram.

We also continued our work on measures, using rulers and metre sticks to measure the height of towers of bricks. We have discovered that the bricks are just less than a centimetre tall and that you need 105 bricks to build a tower a metre high! Some of us worked this out by building a tower which was 20cm tall (21 bricks) and then multiplying by 5.

We weighed the bags of bricks on the balance scales. On Ebay you can buy 100 bricks for £7.99 or 1/2 kilo of bricks for £9.99, so we are talking about which would be the best buy. What do you think?

We used the Lego bricks to stamp arrays and then worked out the multiplication which they showed. The children challenged themselves by choosing larger plates, working out calculations like 8×12=96

We drew lines of symmetry on the large Lego boards and then made symmetrical designs. We had to look carefully to make sure that every brick we put on one side was reflected by a brick placed correctly on the other side of the line.

We worked in a carousel, so we haven’t all done all the activities yet, but we will continue next week. When we looked at the arrays we were able to stamp we decided that if there was a Lego brick with 2 rows of 5, we would be able to do even more Maths… but despite us having a big box of Lego in class, we haven’t got any 2×5 bricks. Together we decided that we would make our own special Mathematical bricks and at lunchtime some of the children came in and helped to stick some bricks together to create the new special brick. We are so excited about our new design we are planning to do lots of work with them and then send details to the Lego boss!
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2 responses to “Learning with Lego.”

  1. Amalia says:

    I love Lego Maths!!!!!!!

  2. @janetteww says:

    I love this idea of using lego to teach maths. It looks like great fun and very mathematical as well 🙂

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