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LEGO inspiration!

Saturday 19th October | 1 comment

On our trip we visited the LEGO shop in the Trinity Centre. The children enjoyed looking around the shop and spotted lots of shapes to take pictures of with their iPads. The LEGO shop were so welcoming to us all and even showed everyone how to make a LEGO witch.
In the LEGO shop. on PhotoPeach

The LEGO staff were so brilliant, they let all the children keep their models of the witch. The next day we used the bricks from our kit to explore 2D and 3D shape and then used the bricks in the kits to see what else we could create when we used our imagination.
Maths and imagination from a LEGO witch! on PhotoPeach

One response to “LEGO inspiration!”

  1. Darshan Gill says:

    It was a great trip Im glad i was able to attend , all the children were very well behaved.

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