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Lizzy and the tooth fairy. By Amalia.

Tuesday 16th April | 8 comments

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lizzy. She was 6 years old! One day lizzy lost a tooth and she put it under her pillow before she went to sleep. The next morning Lizzy woke up very early and checked under her pillow but there was nothing. She was sad because she was hoping to find a golden coin left in the night by the tooth fairy! But then Lizzy found a letter from the tooth fairy saying: “ To Lizzy. I am so sorry to have not given you any money because we ran out of golden coins in our factory. The witch has stolen all the golden coins. Please can you help us?

“Lizzy thought and said “Of course I will help!” Lizzy looked at the back of the letter and saw some clues. She read the clues and said a magic word :“ CUBA LUBA MAGICA BOO.” The magic word took her to an enchanted town. Lizzy saw a woods and went inside. In the woods she saw a very big house where a witch lived. She looked through the window and saw the witch sleeping. Lizzy tried to open the door but it was locked! Lizzy looked around and saw a rope. Lizzy tied the rope on the handle of the door and pulled and pulled even more .

Finally Lizzy managed to open the door. Lizzy got the piece of paper that had the clues and said another magic word that made all the golden coins go back to the tooth fairy factory : “ MUNUTU MILANINA!” Lizzy said another magic word that made her go back home :“NINA BULLA FENTAGOO!”

On Lizzie’s bed there was another letter from the tooth fairy that said: “Thank you for helping us. To reward you for your good work I am giving you 7 golden coins! Lizzy was very happy and was hoping that when she looses another tooth the same magic story will happen again!



8 responses to “Lizzy and the tooth fairy. By Amalia.”

  1. Isla says:

    Amalia I love the story.I espeshaly like the bit when lissy goes to the tooth factory.

  2. fiona says:

    I liked it when Lizzy said the magic words.
    I liked the name Lizzy.
    How did the tooth fairy make the golden coins?

  3. tara says:

    What happened to the tooth?What does witchs house look like?

  4. Ben says:

    I love all the storyboards especicially. I think we all worked very hard on them!

  5. lamberl01 says:

    Hi Amalia
    I loved reading your story and wanted to ask you a question. Would you like the same magical story to happen again, or would you like to go to another magical place and have even more magical adventures? I wonder where you could go? Under the sea…
    On the moon…
    Through a secret passageway…
    Through a hidden door in a garden wall…

    Mrs Lambert

  6. Polly says:

    I apsultey love the story

  7. Amalia says:

    Thank you Mrs Fisher for the message. I am going to write another story at home and I am going to tipe my story on to the computer.):):):):)

  8. janefisher says:

    Many thanks to Amalia’s Mum for emailing me this fantastic story which Amalia wrote in the holidays. I really enjoyed reading your story Amalia and particularly enjoyed the magical words which you had thought of. I was also impressed by your use of punctuation.
    Well done Amalia for practising all your learning at home during the holidays. from Mrs Fisher 🙂

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