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Friday 14th March | 5 comments

Enjoying the sunshine, running, throwing, hopping and jumping, while are brain is busy doing Maths!

We sorted the numbers into odd and even, rounded numbers to the nearest 10, threw bean bags and counted our scores in 100s, 10s and units and skipped counted as we did hopscotch!

5 responses to “M…Athletics!”

  1. Ruqayyah and says:

    Mrs Fisher I loved doing M…atheletics out side in the playground that was my favourite maths!!!!!

  2. Eden says:

    I would like to do it again soon and I love the video you have done thank you Mrs Fisher and most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Emma Pickering says:

    Wow, 2F this looks lots of fun. What a great, active way to learn about maths!

  4. Ruqayyah says:

    Hi Mrs Fisher I love this video you put up I have had a listen and I love the music you put up with thank you for putting up Love Ruqayyah!

  5. Evie says:

    I loved doing M…atheletics

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