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Making our Cardboard Arcade!

Saturday 8th June | 7 comments

Inspired by Caine’s Arcade we designed our own games. We decided to design our games so that they would be fun to play but would also help us stretch our brains and learn at the same time! Some of us chose to work independently, while others worked in pairs or in groups of three, helping each other. We gathered together lots of empty boxes and packaging and began to build our games. Outside in the brilliant sunshine we painted our games. In ICT we have designed signs to go on our games and this coming week we will complete the games by sticking on the labels and instructions and making the tickets. Now we just need some people to come and play the games! Please send us a comment if you would like to play our arcade games!

7 responses to “Making our Cardboard Arcade!”

  1. RS class says:

    RS class thought of these words to describe the games in 2F- great! Excellent! Good, brilliant, awesome, fab, lovely, fun, wonderful, nice.

    We had a fantastic time playing your games. You have worked really hard.

    Well done!
    RS children, Miss Stewart, Mrs Longhorn and Mrs Kaur

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for the comment. We had lots of fun too! Thank you for coming and playing our games, we are so glad you enjoyed them. You were super visitors to our arcade and deserved all the awards the children gave you. From Mrs Fisher and 2F 🙂

  2. Team Caine says:

    Wow! This looks super fun, and the games are all looking so great. We wish we weren’t so far from you all so we could come play at your arcade.

    Keep up the good work! Please remember to take more pictures and share it with us, so we can pretend like we’re there playing with you!

  3. Ayman says:

    I liked making the cardboard arcade because it was fun and hard.i I also enjoyed watching Cain’ s arcade at school and at home!!!

  4. Miss Morgan says:

    I am very excited about playing your games. I have seen your labels for your games and you have all told me about your games, however I haven’t had a go on any ones game yet. I can not wait to have a go on a game tomorrow. I wonder which games will be stretching my brain as well as yours.

  5. Mrs Lambert says:

    Hello 2F,
    I work with some children from year 6 who would love to come and play your games. Please could you ask Mrs Fisher if we can come? My children are very good at designing castles and dragons. I wonder if you could give them some tips on designing games please? Their game could be all about dragons and castles.
    Thank you 2F
    From Mrs Lambert

    • janefisher says:

      We would love the children to come and play our games. We need to stick on the signs we made in ICT, but the games should be ready for about Tuesday pm. Our Literacy is all about castles at the moment, and then we are doing dragon stories, so we would love it if you shared your work with us too. Thank you, from Mrs Fisher 🙂

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