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Maths games.

Saturday 17th November | 3 comments

We had a session with a Maths Games circuit set up, so that everyone could have a go on a range of games which are fun ways of practising Maths. We played Mathletics on the class laptops, Snakes and Ladders and numicon Dominoes and we had a roleplay Pudsey Bear cafe. We also learned how to play a game called ‘Rush Hour‘. This is a game which really gets you thinking, as you have to work out how to move the cars and trucks so that the red car (or ice cream van, in the Junior version) can get out of the traffic jam! It takes strategic thinking, concentration and resilience! You can play the game on line with the link above, and ‘Thinkfun games’ in ‘Links.’

Next time we do our Maths Games circuit we will add a few more games – so please share any ideas for games you know that will be fun, but will also practise important maths skills.
Maths games on PhotoPeach

3 responses to “Maths games.”

  1. aw10296 says:

    I watched the vidio it was loveley to see evryone doing lots of maths(-:(-:

  2. aw10296 says:


  3. Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2 says:

    Hello 2F 🙂 We have really enjoyed watching the video of your maths games. Lewis likes the game of snakes and ladders best! Kayden thinks that the car game looks really good. It does look a bit tricky though, we thought that you needed to be clever at counting to play that game.Do you?
    We have been busy measuring and looking at patterns this week.
    Well done 2F and keep working hard

    Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2

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