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Monday 18th May

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Good morning everyone! Thank you again for everyone’s efforts in continuing with the home learning activities.

We are looking forward to seeing you all this week via google meet. Please refer to your emails for this week’s schedule and activities.


This week we start a new topic on multiplication and division. Please refer back to your home learning book for calculation guidance.

This is mostly revision but there may be some new strategies and question types to look at in the White Rose Maths lessons.

Lesson 1 looks at using the x symbol. All children should be familiar with this symbol and will understand it as meaning ‘lots of’ or ‘groups of’. How many different ways can children represent a given multiplication? See below

Please watch the video and complete the questions on the worksheet from your pack.

Lesson 2 is using arrays. Can you find any real life arrays at home?


This week we will be reading, writing and following instructions in our English lessons as well as through our Lockdown Chocolate Factory project.

Start by watching this video about instructions. Can you remember how to create a command sentence using bossy (imperative) verbs? You may want to create a list of imperative verbs….


There are also some videos to watch on bbc bitesize which may support children’s understanding of the features of instructions.


There are no written tasks for today because we would like you to start work on your Lockdown Chocolate Factory Project over the next few days.

Lockdown Chocolate Factory

Learning Objective: to design appealing products for themselves and others based on design criteria

We would like children to design and make a box of chocolates. There are 2 parts to the project: designing and making the chocolates and designing and making the box. These could be completed on two separate days. Ideally, children will need to create their chocolates first.

You should have a booklet in your pack which you can use to complete all your chocolate factory activities. Have you got your ingredients ready?

Task 1: Investigating flavour combinations/Tasting!

What flavour chocolates do you like?

Collect together some tiny pieces of each of your ingredients. Put different ingredients together to try. Which ingredients do you like together?

Complete Task 1 in your booklet.

Task 2- Designing your chocolates

Here are some from last year in school. Which ones look most appealing? You can see that as well as putting ingredients inside their chocolates, children thought carefully about how they wanted them to look. Some have sprinkles, chocolate drizzle or chopped fruit on the top!

Once you have decided which flavours you like, decide which chocolates you would like to make. There is space in the booklet for 3 different types of chocolate.

Complete Task 2 in your booklet.

Making your chocolates

Watch this video about how chocolates are made:


Read the recipe in your booklet and get busy!

If you haven’t got mini cases like the ones in the picture, you could use full sized bun cases or perhaps use a mould like an ice cube tray?

Task 3- designing your box

Complete Task 3 in your booklet and make your box using the template provided.

Task 4- Menu Card

You may also want to make a menu card to go with your box of chocolates.

Have a look at the descriptions of the chocolates on the menu card below. Which words and phrases do you like? How would you describe your chocolates?

We liked these phrases:

Complete Task 4 in your booklet

When you have completed all the tasks and your box of chocolates is ready, it is important to evaluate your product.

Complete Task 5 in your booklet

We really hope you enjoy this project and would love to see your final products. Please send in your photos via email.

Photo Gallery:

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