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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April | 4 comments

Welcome back Year 2! We hope you have all had a lovely, relaxing break. We have…… and we are now ready to get back to some fun learning with you all!

Over the next two days we would like you to complete some measuring work for maths and to write a setting description for English. There are some spellings for the week plus a topic challenge (this would usually be a learning log!). There are also lots of ideas for reading fun plus a PE challenge! Please see below for all the details:


Our new topic starting this week is ‘Length and Height’. We will be using centimetres (cm) and metres (m) to estimate, measure and compare.

Have you got a ruler or a tape measure at home? Have a look in your pencil cases, drawers and cupboards. If you don’t have a real ruler or tape measure, use the card one in your home learning packs delivered recently.

There are a few things that you need to remember when using a ruler.

  • make sure you line up the object correctly, starting at 0.
  • check you are using the correct scale. Some rulers also show inches or millimetres- we are just using the centimetre scale.
  • Look at the nearest number to find your answer. (Grown ups- there is no need to talk about decimals just yet! Children may wish to say 7 1/2 centimetres though)

Task 1: Your first task asks you to estimate each object first. Remember: an estimate is a sensible guess. Some of you may want to work out the difference between your estimate and the actual measurement. This is how many more or less your answer is compared to the estimate. e.g. If my estimate is 5cm and my object measured 7cm, the difference is 2cm.

Easier challenge: If you have play dough, you could make some worms or snakes. Can you order them from shortest to longest? Which are shorter than 10cm? Which are longer than 10cm? Can you estimate and measure their lengths too?

Task 2: Use your ruler to draw lines. Make sure you hold your ruler straight with your fingers spread across it to hold it in place. Put your pencil on 0 to start your line. Practise drawing lines that are 5cm, 7cm and 12cm long.

Next try these challenges:

Draw a rectangle 5 cm long and 3 cm wide.
Draw a square with sides that are 4 cm long.
Draw a picture with straight lines. Measure and label each line.

You may want to use the video and resources from White Rose Maths to support this lesson: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/


This half term we will be using the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl to inspire our writing and other learning.

If you haven’t got a copy of the book, this free PDF version was found online:

What does this tell you about Charlie’s house? Have you thought of any adjectives yet? Poor, small, cramped, cold, uncomfortable.

Our first task is to use the suffix est to make words to use in a description of Charlie’s house.

e.g. Charlie’s house was the smallest house on the street.

Now you can use all your ideas to write your description! Remember to start with a few sentences to introduce Charlie’s house. Then describe each feature in detail using the ideas from your word web. Here is an example to help you get started. Can you spot the right choice adjectives?

We are really looking forward to reading your descriptions. Remember to write on a line, miss a line so that you have space for any green pen editing you might need to do.


This week we are looking at words ending le and el. There are some examples below. Can you think of any more? You could make two lists.

Topic Challenge

Have you seen this symbol before? What does it mean? What can you find out about it?


Practise answering comprehension questions using our reading dog characters. Follow the powerpoint slides and answer the questions as you go.

Please keep reading for enjoyment as much as you can. We will be busy reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory but you may want to read something different too! See previous blogs plus these NEW ideas…..


If you still have some energy after your Joe Wicks workout, try this fun dice game:

Something to make you smile….

4 responses to “Monday 20th April”

  1. Shelly says:

    Aayush loved the video, he was so happy to see all the teachers. He is missing his teachers and his friends.

    Thank you for all the hard work you are all doing in these testing times.
    Keep smiling and stay safe.

  2. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    This is a great video, Annie loved watching it!

  3. Rauf says:

    We loved the video, thank you for putting that together. Made us very happy to see you all. Imaan is missing you all x

  4. Anna Pritchard says:

    Arrh thank you everyone at Farsley Farfield, we love the video! Stay safe xx

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