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Monday 4th May

Sunday 3rd May | 2 comments

Hi Everyone! We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Hopefully, you will now have your packs from school with printed resources to support the home learning activities we will be putting onto the blog.

Thank you again for those of you who were able to join us on Google Meet last week. This week, the meets will be more of a lesson rather than a chat with a focus on strategies for written addition and subtraction. Please join a meeting at the times specified by class teachers via email.


This week’s maths topic is Addition and Subtraction. This is mostly a revision of the work we did in the autumn term. Please refer to the calculation guidance sheets in your home learning books for an explanation of written methods already taught for addition and subtraction of two 2-digit numbers. If children haven’t already had a go at the examples given, they may wish to do these this week. We will go through some examples during our Google meets.

Lesson 1 Fact Families- https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/


This White Rose Maths lesson is a revision lesson on Fact Families. Children will need to apply their understanding of known addition and subtraction facts within 20 to identify all the related facts.

Further questions to try:

Lesson 2– Compare Number Sentences


This White Rose Maths Lesson is a revision on comparing number sentences. Children will need to understand the symbols = < > .

The symbol = means equal to. Children need to recognise that both sides of the = sign need to equal the same. It doesn’t just mean ‘makes’ or ‘the answer’!


20 = 18 + 2

10 + 10 = 18 + 2

20 = 22-2

If both sides are not equal we can use < or > to show which is greater/less than.


This week we will be developing our story writing skills. We will be writing in past tense so it is important that children can spell different regular and irregular past tense verbs. You could use this game to practise: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/member-only/pastTensePenguin.html Remember to use your free login: March20 password: home

In the 1971 film, Charlie and Grandpa Joe drink some of Mr Wonka’s fizzy lifting drink. Watch the film clip if you can- there are some on youtube if you can get them to open!

The fizzy lifting drink makes them fly. At first they feel a bit nervous and worried but after a while they start to enjoy it. They do somersaults in the air and zoom around. Then they realise that they are flying too high. They become scared because they are going to hit the fan! Just then Charlie burps! This makes him start to float gently back down to the ground. They are both glad when their feet touch the floor!

Think of words and phrases associated with flying:


The spelling pattern and rule the children are learning this week are words with these spelling patterns: OR sound. Spelt ‘a’ before -l and -ll and ‘ar’ after w-

Talk through the slides:

You could make lists of words for each pattern. Use the examples on the powerpoint plus the ones in the table. Can you find any others?

Reading Challenges

Topic Challenge for this week

We would like to you to find out how chocolate is made.

Here are some video clips to watch:

What have you learned? Maybe you could create a flow chart using pictures to show this?

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  1. Ali Bowstead says:

    We watched an episode of ‘Down on the farm’ on cbeebies on iplayer, and it just so happened to have a part at a chocolate factory showing how it was made. Series 3, episode 1 – in case anyone else wants to watch it!

    • mrslace says:

      Thanks for this Ali. Good find! It’s about 11 minutes in if anyone else would like to watch it.

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