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Moshi Monster Maths and much more!

Saturday 6th October | No comments yet

We have been busy on our learning adventures this week! This week we have been doing Moshi Monster Maths! We have been busily counting Moshi Monsters, and sorting them into tens and units. We pretended that the magic Moshi box had a number of monsters in it, and then added more to it. We used different strategies to help us add, some of us counted on using our fingers, numicon or the monsters, some of us used 100 squares and others used their  knowledge of  number bonds to help  work out the totals. It was lots of fun and we all worked very hard.

We also used Maths in our Topic work this week, because we were finding out all about our bodies. We measured our heights, arm spans, strides, hand spans and foot lengths. We also weighed ourselves. We recorded information such as our hair and eye colour and which hand we write with. We made graphs of the information about our teams and then we were able to discuss questions like, ‘Is the tallest person the heaviest?’ and ‘Does the tallest person have the longest arm span?’

In Literacy we have been finishing off our stories and some of the class has been learning how to publish  stories on to the blog! When you scroll down you will see Amalia’s story about Baby Pom. We are so excited to have a comment from Emma Chichester Clark, as she wrote the stories about the Blue Kangaroo! It is great to get comments, it will really encourage us to write!

You can visit Emma’s beautifully illustrated blog, and read all l about her dog at http://emmachichesterclark.blogspot.co.uk/

Next week we are going to be starting some new work in Literacy; we will be writing poetry to enter a special competition about ‘Senses poetry.’

Click on the picture to see it full size! It shows us enjoying our well earned Golden Time!

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