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Saturday 13th October | No comments yet

We have had a very busy time this week with photographs and Harvest Festival. Thank you for all your kind donations at such short notice.

In Literacy this week, we have done a short unit of work on ‘Labels, Lists and Captions’. We have also looked at Supermarkets. The children have drawn items that you may find in specific shopping aisles and have labelled the items – some children have even added captions! We have also been putting words into alphabetical order. We played a fun alphabet game online called ‘Wak- a- Mole’ which the children loved.

In Numeracy this week, we have been looking at subtraction. We have been trying to learn the different ways of saying subtraction i.e. minus, less than, take away.

The children have been doing lots of practical Maths to help them visualise what subtraction means. They have also been drawing subtractions on the playground floor.As well as subtraction, we have briefly looked at the value of coins up to 50p and how we can make amounts up to 10p.

In curriculum this week, we have been continuing our work on the senses. This week we have looked at sight.  The children were introduced to two famous men who are blind and we looked at some of the fascinating things that they have done. The first was musician Stevie Wonder and the second was the finger painter Esref Armagon. The children were very interested in Esref’s work and how he painted such magnificent paintings without knowing what things look like.

The children were given the opportunity to paint a picture, in the style of Esref, whilst they were blindfolded. They found this to be a very interesting and difficult task as they had to feel for the pots to know which colours they were using. Let’s just say there was paint everywhere!

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