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Nocturnal Animals.

Sunday 19th May | 12 comments

We have been learning lots of interesting facts about some of the Nocturnal Animals that live in the United Kingdom. When we had learned about the owl, fox, bat and hedgehog we also enjoyed making clay models of the owls. We painted these with stunning metallic paints and then the Art Club members used the paints to paint lots of different nocturnal animals. They then also helped all the children in class with more paintings of the night creatures.

The soundtrack to the Animoto is a song we all enjoyed singing about Nocturnal Animals!

12 responses to “Nocturnal Animals.”

  1. junn says:

    What did they paint?

  2. grace says:

    Hello Sophie and George the best part was painting with matalic paints .I realiy
    enjoyed it.

  3. alice says:

    Hello Yarek Hannah-Mae i would love ton teach you how to make them.

  4. Honey M-K says:

    Thank you Malvyn for looking at our blog . and saing that our vidios are good.
    from Honey M-K.

  5. Ekam says:

    Owls have furing wings masive wings. Lots of owls snth for food a lot at night.

  6. Alisa says:

    Wow I love those Owl’s pictures.

  7. alice says:

    Hello Sophie,George allenton the best part was every thing. 🙂 🙂 (-:

  8. 17liwia says:

    we did the same but we was lurning a bawt safari animals .

  9. Malvyn says:

    Guys, your doing a fantastic job because your videos are amazing.

  10. Holly Ella Allenton says:

    Hi your owls looked very cool. How did you make them. We would like to know how to make them because Holly and Ella would like to learn how to make them. that was beutfull. from Holly and Ella

  11. Yarek Hannah-Mae Allenton says:

    thinkyou for the video i like the owl.
    can you teach us haw to make them? yarek and Hannah-Mae

  12. sophie, george allenton says:

    that looked fun to make those animals. it was fun looking at your
    pictures. What was the best part? from george and Sophie

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