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One grain of rice.

Tuesday 7th May | 6 comments

Today in Maths we looked at this beautiful Indian story about a clever girl called Rani.rice

She gathers up the rice falling from a basket and returns it to the Raja.

The Raja promised to give her one grain of rice on the 1st day, and then every day for 30 days he will double the number of grains from the day before. We tried to estimate how many grains of rice she would receive on the 30th day, but none of us realised quite how high the number would be! We know that puzzles can be tricky and this one certainly challenged us all but we didn’t worry. If we felt we were stuck we just practised our doubling strategies for a while and then came back to the problem.

Today some of us managed to get as far as the 15th day and we are still working on the puzzle. How far can you get? Post a comment to let us know!

6 responses to “One grain of rice.”

  1. Miss Renton says:

    Hope you have all been practicing your doubling skills. You were all working really hard in the lesson last week. Has anyone challenged their families at home?

  2. tc79452 says:

    Hello 2F I accepted your challenge and worked it out I even made a formula.

    Day 30 is 536,870,912

    The formula is X+Y+X=Z
    X = Days 1.
    Y = days 2.
    Z = The next answer.

    Thank You 2F if you have any more chalenges 6W will accesept!!!!

  3. husain says:

    Hi i accepted your challenge and in half an hour i reached up to 30
    and my number was 53135888

    Thank you for the challenge 2f if you ever have any other challenges let me know.

  4. janefisher says:

    Excellent news, I’m glad you all enjoyed the challenge and I’m especially impressed with Luke. I’ll look out for another challenge soon!
    From Mrs Fisher & 2F

    PS HAve you tried the Chicken Nugget puzzle! It’s lots of fun too.

  5. Luke Higgins says:

    I worked it out by myself and got 536,870,912!

    Luke did this himself in 15 minutes – very impressed!
    Mrs Hoyle

  6. ffpslks24c says:

    Here in 4C we accepted your challenge, and in twenty minutes we got as far as the 24th day. We are still working on it. We enjoyed practicing our doubling skills and some of us feel great after working hard to work our way out of the learning pit – especially as the numbers kept growing!

    Thank you for the challenge 2F! Happy doubling!

    From class 4C

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