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Pen-y-Ghent. By Elliot

Saturday 17th November | 4 comments

Last Sunday, 11/11/2012, me and my Dad climbed a 694 metre high mountain called Pen-y-Ghent. It was really, really tiring but I felt very proud when I got home. My Daddy has climbed Pen-y-Ghent 3 times!

4 responses to “Pen-y-Ghent. By Elliot”

  1. Amelia says:

    Well done!

  2. Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2 says:

    Ami, Lydia and Kayden say welll done to Elliott for climbing the mountain.
    Ami says she wonders if it was good? And Kayden and Lydia would like to know what you and your Dad could see from the top?

  3. Peter Harris says:

    Wow! That is terrific Elliott. I am not sure my boy Archie could do that. We go on Year 5 residential near Pen-y-Ghent and we don’t even try that big hill with ten year olds!

    Mr. Harris

  4. janefisher says:

    Thank you Elliot for bringing in these pictures of you and your Dad walking up Pen-y-Ghent. What a wonderful experience for you. Well done, from Mrs Fisher 🙂

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