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Pirate poetry and drama.

Sunday 21st October | 4 comments

On Monday we had a visit from Mr Mee and some students. He showed us a picture of ship in rough sea.

We decided it looked like a pirate ship and enjoyed doing a drama session where we got to act out being on board the ship. We have been writing some poems based on our senses, so we decided to use the pirate ship drama to inspire our writing.

Back in class we did some more drama and hot seating to talk with the captain of the pirate ship! We watched some clips of ships in storms to watch the waves and listen to the sounds.

We shared our ideas and then drafted our poems. We read them and checked to see if we could improve them, using adjectives and similes. In ICT we used 2Publish+ to present our poems and illustrate them. At Circle Time we shared our feelings about our learning, we had enjoyed the drama, especially with Mr Mee and we felt proud of our achievements. Well done everyone. 🙂

4 responses to “Pirate poetry and drama.”

  1. Rachael Smith says:

    Hi kids,
    can I just say that the fact you are blogging is amazing, being new to it myself, you are all really clever.
    Your pictures are fantastic and I cant wait to return to your school and see what Mr Mee has instore for us all. See you all in November,

  2. Fiona Clayton says:

    Hi Everyone!!

    I have enjoyed looking through all your pictures and poems, they are amazing!

    Looks like you have all been working hard.

    You are all an inspiration!

    Thank you for letting us come and visit you, we all loved meeting you.

    Can’t wait to see you all again on our next trip, its only in a few weeks!

    See you all soon
    Fiona x

  3. Sam Cunningham says:

    Hi kids how are you?

    I wanted to say hello and thank you for letting us students take part in your drama session. I had lots of fun and think you are all superb.

    I have been reading your poems and looking at your art work and I must say you are a talented bunch they are all just fabulous!

    We will be visiting your school again in a few weeks and I hope we get to work with you again.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. John Mee says:

    Hello everyone

    I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your poetry. Here’s one of mine ….

    Oh Skipper
    What a crew
    They are no good so what about you?
    Here’s the people of the port
    They’ll show you a thing or two

    Best Wishes from Mr Mee

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