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Saturday 22nd March | 4 comments

What a brilliant day we all had yesterday! With amazing team effort and huge determination from every child and adult, together the children ran, walked, cycled and scooted an incredible 693 miles! That is the equivalent of going from Leeds to Bordeaux, smashing our original goal of doing the milage from Leeds to Paris.

I was outside all morning and it was wonderful to see different year groups supporting each other and enjoying themselves.I borrowed a camera to shoot photographs, but being completely unfamiliar with it, it seems to have slipped half the time onto an ‘arty’ setting! So I apologise for some of the ‘grungy’ pictures, but think they maybe add some atmosphere!

We started the day off with everyone joining it with the Sports Relief song.

Get a feel for the action with these Animotos!

4 responses to “STEP IT UP for SPORTS RELIEF!”

  1. Rhys mum says:

    We’ll done everyone for all those miles you achieved and all the money you raised. Was a great morning of entertainment too in the playground from the teachers!!

  2. Emma Pickering says:

    Wow!!! Well done everyone for all your efforts to raise money for this important cause. You all looked like you had lots of fun!!

  3. Mrs Galbraith says:

    Phew! I think everyone will have slept really well on Friday night after all that super scooting, cycling, running, dancing and singing! Class 1GJ had a great day and these videos are brilliant.

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for your comment, I’m so glad that 1GJ had fun! 1GJ certainly put a loot of effort in. from mrs Fisher 🙂

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