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Super Veggies in Year 2!

Friday 12th October | 5 comments

This week we have enjoyed reading and discussing the story ‘Supertato!’ The children have written some fantastic reviews of the story, using right choice adjectives to persuade. We used words such as humourous, hilarious, brilliant and fabulous!

We had a lovely time visiting the farm and harvesting some our own super-veggies.

Then we made our veggies into super-veggies!

We have started to write some descriptions of our new characters which we will present in Harvest Assembly next week.

In maths this week, we have been using number bonds to 10 to help us find number bonds to 20 and 100.

If you know 2 + 8 = 10, you also know 12 + 8 = 20 and 20 + 80 = 100 etc. Please learn these facts at home; they are vital to all further addition and subtraction work!


5 responses to “Super Veggies in Year 2!”

  1. Netti Cairns says:

    Love that the children can see the fruit and veg grow on the farm and harvest it themselves. Great life skills and lots of fun!

  2. Mehnaz Begum says:

    Great week. Ayah had alot of fun making her Mega Garlic character.

  3. Mairi Beaton says:

    These are ace! Finnan’s leek creation has a bit of sideshow Bob about him…

  4. Mrs Lace says:

    I loved bananaman!

  5. David Wilkinson says:

    Are the teachers and staff old enough to remember Bananaman?

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