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The Moon Landing, more 1960s and statistics

Friday 1st February | 7 comments

The children have enjoyed further learning about the 1960s this week and have produced an informative non-chronological  report. They wrote super fact sentences, remembering to use conjunctions to add more detail, correct punctuation and used right choice topic words.

They found learning about the moon landing fascinating and were able to use a range of sources of evidence to support their learning.

We have also learned about the artist, Andy Warhol. Children enjoyed discussing his most famous pieces and we talked about how artists today are inspired by his work. We decided to create our own Warhol inspired artwork using our own self portraits and then using photographs of today’s icons and popular culture. We will continue to work on these next week.

In maths this week, we have introduced statistics; the children have learned how to create and interpret tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. We would like children to show us what they have learned in this week’s learning log.

Year 2 Learning Log Homework – 01.02.19

We would like you to collect some data at home and then present it as a tally chart, pictogram or block graph. You could also complete some of Section 5 in your maths reasoning book and look at this for further ideas.

To be handed in on Wednesday 13th February 2019

We look forward to seeing your work!

In Special Mention Assembly this week, Mrs Kenny presented some children with certificates and prizes for their hard work in maths and reading.  Well done to these children and thank you to Mrs Kenny for her hard work too!

Next week on Friday we are looking forward to taking part in a skipping workshop run by ‘skipping school’. This is an exciting workshop which will kick start our skipping skills which we will continue to work on throughout the school year. Some children will be selected to take part in a skipping competition later in the year! Please make sure children come to school in appropriate PE kit for skipping. Please note: This is also ‘Wear Red’ day.


7 responses to “The Moon Landing, more 1960s and statistics”

  1. Afsana khan says:

    Arwa has really enjoyed and learnt so much about the recent topic the 1960’s. She recently made her class teacher a poster and did all the research herself. Well done to Arwa and all the other children keep up the good work !

  2. Netti Cairns says:

    Molly had a great week leading about Andy Warhol and is really looking forward to the skipping workshop next week on wear red day.

  3. Amrit says:

    Sophia has loved learning about the 60s and Andy Warhol we have had lots of questions and curiosity about the artist at home. Year two have worked hard and learnt so much again this week! Can’t wait for skipping day. Practice in already!

  4. Mairi Beaton says:

    Totally agree with the comments, the 1960s really seems to have hooked the kids imagination. I wonder if it’s the comparisons with then and now… who knows how different everything could be in another 60 years!

  5. Davina-Jenna’s Mum says:

    Jenna has been really enjoying learning about the 1960s-thank you for always making school so engaging for her! Super hard work Year 2!

  6. Amy Dennis says:

    The 1960s has been a fun topic, I think we all learnt something!

  7. Joanne Adey says:

    Jackson has really enjoyed learning about the 1960’s this term, and has specifically had fun talking about the moon landing 🙂

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