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The Sea Beast.

Wednesday 14th November | 2 comments

On Monday morning we were lucky enough to have another fantastic session with Mr Mee and a group of students from Leeds Metropolitan University. Together we had a great drama session and explored an imaginary sea beast. In the afternoon we continued our work and drew our ideas of what the sea beast might look like. We looked at some of the paintings and art works of Clare Woods, as we will see some of her painting in Leeds Art Gallery next week. Her work inspired us to use our imagination and to try and fill the page with colours.

Everyone worked really hard. We chose pastels, water colour paints or pencils to colour our pictures and some of us even combined the different medias. We hope you enjoy our paintings. Thank you to Mr Mee and his students for our drama session and for inspiring us to do this art work.

2 responses to “The Sea Beast.”

  1. Skipper and mottley crew says:

    Ahoy there expert landlubbers!

    We loved your sea monster video and the pictures are really scary – worse than the real monster!
    Have you decided what to do with the monster yet? Write and tell us what you decide to do.

    Is the tide in or out?
    Is the ship still clean and seaworthy.? If not, why not?

    Here’s our sea shanty for you
    “A life on the ocean wave
    and the beautiful briny sea
    is a lovely thing to have
    just right for you and me
    har har
    We all work hard together
    regardless of the weather
    to sail and return home safe
    to all the things we crave”

    Heave ho hearties -splice the mainbrace and tell us all your news.

    aaarrrgh aaaarrghhh !!

  2. John Mee says:

    Dear Sea Beasters!!!!

    Well – how lovely to see your art work taking shape before my very eyes. I enjoyed every single minute of looking at your work and every single minute of being with you in the hall and in your classroom and on the playground.

    I thought that the way you joined in with our story making and drama was very adventurous and that you really got things going. I know that the students I brought with me and the Skipper really enjoyed themselves too and that being with you all helped them to understand how children think, play and work. Of course you all think and play and work at the same time if you know what I mean.

    Thank you!

    John Mee

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