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Wednesday 13th May

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Good morning Year 2.

Please find activities below for Wednesday and Thursday:


The next two maths lessons are lessons 2 and 3 on White Rose Maths: Add 2-digit numbers and Subtract 2-digit numbers. Please refer to the calculation guidance given in your home learning books. Class teachers are talking through strategies for subtraction this week on google meet which should support the second lesson.

Both of the white rose lessons introduce formal column methods for addition and subtraction. We have not taught this at school yet. Some children may be ready for this if they have a secure understanding of using tens and ones. If children are finding this confusing, please just work through similar examples using the methods we have taught, outlined in the calculation guidance.

The worksheets to match these lessons are in your packs. Further activities can be found on the bbc bitesize daily lessons. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/z7s22sg/year-2-and-p3-lessons/1


Here are the answer sheets!


Task 1: By now you should have written the beginning and build up to your fizzy lifting drink stories. Today we will write the problem, resolution and ending.

Look back at your plan. What is the problem in your story? Do you fly to high and can’t get down? Do you hit or crash into something?

Here is an example:

I started to float towards the swirling puffs of white clouds. “How exciting this is!” I thought to myself. After a while, I started to enjoy myself twirling, spinning, soaring and somersaulting. I felt as free as a bird drifting and floating above the world.
After a while, I realised that I was slowly drifting higher and higher towards the sun. No matter what I did, I was unable to get down. I felt terrified… I had to get down!

The resolution is how the problem is solved. How do you get down?

Suddenly, I felt the bubbles start to rise up inside me and just then I let out an enormous burp!
Slowly, slowly I started to glide back down to Earth.

Try not to rush your ending. Think about how you can link it back to the beginning. What will you do with the fizzy lifting drink now?

Before long, I had landed back on the same golden, sandy beach where I had found the mysterious bottle. I still had the ancient potion in my hand. Quickly, I reburied the rest of the golden fizzy lifting drink in a deep, deep hole where no-one else would ever find it. Or would they?

Task 2: For the rest of the week, we would like you to read and perform some poems. You may have time to write some of your own!

Start by watching Michael Rosen perform his poem ‘Chocolate Cake’.

How does he entertain the audience?

We would like you to learn one of the poems below (or you can choose your own) and perform it to your family. Will you add actions? How will you use your voice?


Brazilian artist Romero Britto is famous for creating bold, bright modern images. Here is some of his artwork. Do you like it? How would you describe his style?

He uses thick, black lines to create the main images then fills the remaining spaces with colourful patterns. Here is a tulip image in the style of Romero Britto:

Can you make a similar picture? Draw a simple tulip image and repeat across the page. Then split the foreground and background into sections using straight lines. Colour in each section using bright colours and using patterns such as stripes, dots and swirls. Don’t forget to use a thick black pen to create the outlines.

Other activities to keep you busy!

  • PE activity:

Forward planning: Next week we would like you to design and make a box of chocolates (All instructions will be on the blog and in your next pack). If possible, please can you put some ingredients on your shopping list this week. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mini bun cases (if you can find them) dried fruits such as raisins or apricots, crispy cereal, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, biscuits. Basically anything that you would enjoy smothered in chocolate!!!

We will also be making a healthy smoothie- add bananas, frozen/fresh berries and milk or juice to your shopping basket too if you would like to join in!

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