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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March | 1 comment

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all safe and well and perhaps enjoying some of this lovely sunshine. We hope you have had chance to complete some of the activities we set on Monday. Here are a few more ideas to keep you going!


If you fancy being creative, try to create an African sunset silhouette! All you need is read and yellow paint to create the sunset. Once dry, draw on your foreground and some animals. Then colour in or paint in black!

Look at our blog from last year for ideas. http://ffks1.primaryblogger.co.uk/uncategorized/another-super-week-in-year-2-2/


Have you had a go at writing about Zebras? Maybe try writing about giraffes next…

Use this website for research: https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/animals/general-animals/ten-giraffe-facts/

Here is an example: Can you spot the linking sentences? Once you have written one fact sentence, try to add more detail with another sentence that tells you more about the first fact.


Unit Fractions

When only 1 part of the whole is shaded such as the three fractions above, we call these unit fractions: 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 are all examples of these. The numerator is always 1.

Image result for numerator denominator unit fraction

Non-Unit Fractions

Non-Unit fractions are where the numerator is bigger than 1. 3/4 is an example of a non-unit fraction.

Use the bar model below to help you.

Hopefully, this week keep you going until Friday!

Stay safe everyone. Please send in any pictures of the children working from home. It seems very strange at school without everyone and we miss you all!

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  1. Rauf says:

    Thank you for all the great ideas think Imaan has really missed school and the novelty of being home has brought light to how much she enjoys Farsley and she misses her friends very much

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