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We’re flying in Year 2!

Friday 7th May | No comments yet

This week in English we have been exploring the idea of flying. First we watched the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory where Charlie and Grandpa Joe try the fizzy lifting drink. We generated right choice words for flying such as gliding, soaring and hovering and built sentences using this vocabulary. We then read the story ‘Some dogs do’ by Jez Alborough. This also explores flight. The children then retold the story. We finished the week by creating our own stories through drama; next week we will use these ideas to write our own fizzy lifting drink story!

On Wednesday, we took part in an author workshop via Zoom. We listened to Claire Culliford reading her story, Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps. We then joined in some activities.

In maths this week we have continued our work on telling the time. We have now looked at all the times to the nearest 5 minutes. e.g 5 past, 10 past. Please continue to practise at home- it is taking a while to master this! We have set the time tasks on Mathletics for you to complete at home.

Here we are doing some super skipping!

In Science this week, we set up an investigation to find out what seeds need in order to germinate. Does it matter whether we plant seeds on the surface or under the soil? Does it matter how deep we plant the seeds? Does it matter which way up we plant the seeds?

We are enjoying working on our colourful tulip art…

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