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Secret Recipes and Mysteries Solved

Friday 24th May | 2 comments


There has been much excitement in Year 2 this week when on Wednesday the children received a letter from Willy Wonka which contained the actual secret recipe for his famous Fizzy Lifting Drink. The children were told that the recipe was top secret and that they had to look after it. In return for Willy Wonka’s authentic recipe, the children had to invent their own recipes.  The children worked so hard and the recipes were very imaginative. Here are some for you to try at home (although it may be tricky getting your hands on some of the ingredients):

However, when we arrived at school on Thursday we discovered that the secret recipe had been stolen!  Who would do such a thing?  Where could it possibly be? The children found a series of clues which eventually led us to Claire – our marvellous cook.  It turns out that Claire had wanted to surprise the children with a fizzy lifting drink at lunchtime and had borrowed the recipe.  Once the mystery of the missing secret recipe had been solved, the children then wrote recounts describing what had happened.  They used time connectives to sequence events, conjunctions to explain their ideas and lots of right choice words to make their writing interesting.


This week in maths we have been continuing our work on time.  Most children can now tell the time to quarter to and quarter past the hour, and some children are able to tell the time to five minutes.  We have also been looking at how to solve worded problems involving time and time intervals.


In PE we continued learning how to play cricket.  The children’s hand-eye co-ordination has improved well over the past few weeks and we have some budding cricketers!

We wish you a very happy half term and look forward to seeing the children all refreshed in June.

The Year 2 Team


2 responses to “Secret Recipes and Mysteries Solved”

  1. Katrina says:

    Arianna has loved the work on Charlie and the chocolate factory..

  2. Netti Cairns says:

    What an interesting week! Looks like lots of fun.

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