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Year 2 News

Friday 21st May | 1 comment


In English this week, we have been reading, performing and writing poems about chocolate. The children have used right choice adjectives and verbs to describe chocolate using their senses. They also used similes and alliteration. Some children even used rhyme! Here we are performing some poems:


In maths this week we have been revising multiplication and division. We remembered how to create 4 ‘fact family’ number sentences for multiplication and division. We practised our 3 times table and answered lots of 3 x table questions. We started to look at the idea of remainders too this week; the children had to use their times table knowledge to predict if they would get a remainder when sharing out counters.

Please do continue to practise times tables regularly; the TTRockstars website is really useful for learning facts by heart.


The children have learned all about where chocolate comes from. We watched this video then wrote about the different stages.

We also learned more about the Amazon rainforest and talked about deforestation. the children made posters to raise awareness.

Next week we are looking forward to designing and making our own box of chocolates! Yum!

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  1. Jade Thomson says:

    Annie has been coming home and telling us about the Amazon all week and advising us on ways in which we can save the planet!

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