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The Paper Dolls.

02/03/2013 at 8:26 AM

In Literacy we are enjoying lots of wonderful books all written by the author Julia Donaldson. If you click on the Extreme Reading tab you will see that we have got lots of her books on our virtual bookshelf now and have been busy writing book reviews as comments on the page. Don’t forget to add any more books you read at home too! Now we have over a 100 comments we are aiming for 200 comments!

We looked at a new book by Julia Donaldson called ‘The Paper Dolls.’ It is a beautiful book with illustrations by Rebecca Cobb. The children in the Art Club learned how to make paper doll chains first and then they helped their teams make the dolls too. We used a strip of A3 paper and folded it in half. The we folded it again into quarters, and again into eighths. Next we drew our doll shapes making sure that at least the arms went right to the folds. Cutting was quite tricky as you have to cut through eight layers of paper. Opening out the chains was a lot of fun because you saw your row of dolls appear! Finally we coloured the dolls carefully.

We have read the story and can retell it, remembering the words that the dolls keep saying on their adventure. Now we have started to think about adventures that our dolls could have and we will write these next week – ready to publish them for World Book Day!

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