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Happy holidays and moving on up!

27/07/2013 at 8:25 AM

We have had a brilliant year together. Looking back through all the posts on the blog reminds me of all the wonderful work we did together and the fun times we had. Thank you to everyone for their kind cards and gifts, it has been a wonderful first year for me at Farsley Farfield. I hope you all have a wonderful  holiday, but still keep reading, playing Mathletics and maybe even keep a diary or blog about the special places you visit and the things you do over your holidays.

Here is the leaflet you took home with information for next year. You can also scroll down and revisit the presentation from the Transition meeting.

2LS - 3C 2F to 3CW

Click here to read the reverse of the transition leaflet.Transition



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Ali plays Wheelchair BAsket Ball.

19/07/2013 at 12:14 PM

Yesterday, after school Ali was at his Basket Ball Training and he had invited Miss Smart to come and watch him train. He has only been playing for a couple of weeks and he has really worked hard and perservered to already become a confident member of the Basket Ball team. Well done Ali! We are so proud of you.

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My dragon. By Chloe.

16/07/2013 at 4:18 PM

I pulled the extraordinary box carefully from under my bed and peeped to see what was inside the box! I didn’t lift the lid too much.  There  were light blue sparkles drifting  out of the box. I could smell a wee wee inside the box. I gently opend the box, inside there was a blue, green, purple and yellow dragon with two tails and on the end of  one of  its tails there was a yellow, spiky ball. The dragon was as long as a flying fox.  I knew it was  extremly fast in water, because I had read about it in my dragon book.  My dragon is not very big but I knew that it would grow way bigger than a table in just two weeks. I named my  dragon Thunder Spike.  It turned all red so I knew it was hungry so I looked inside the cupboard and found some salmon for Thunder Spike. He ate every little bit of it. Then he turned back to normal. Next I went  down to the woods with him  to teach him how to catch birds and fish and even a few squirrels too! Later I took him for a walk down the woods to burn of some of his energy off. The next day I took Thunder Spike to the jungle to teach him how to fly by making him jump off a huge  rock at the top of a clif. Thunder Spike managed to fly on his own but he needed to work on his landing.  It was time to go home and go to bed. When they got  home they sat by the fire for 20 mins just to warm up. Next we climbed into bed and got snuggled up tight and went to sleep. In the morning we got dressed and had breakfast .  We set off to the water fall to teach Thunder Spike how to swim. He swam all the way along the water fall in only 1 min. He swam so fast I could’nt even see him. Next I took Thunder Spike back home and gave him a bath. Thunder Spike loved playing about in the bath. Then I dryed him with a soft, white towel.  Before dinner time I went with him in the garden so that he could roll about in the green grass for about half an hour. It was tea time now so I took him to the enourmas table for him to eat his tuna and chips. He ate almost all of it and ate all of his desert. He stayed up extra late because I needed a bath too and he also woke up in the midle of the night saying that he had a cough so I took him down stairs and sat whith him by the fire. Eventually, at 10:30 pm,  it was so late that I had to take him to bed. The next morning I took him for a walk down to the cannal for a bit. Thunder Spike wanted to go home so I took him home and taught him how to paint a person but instead he painted a picture of a fish!  Then he said I want a bath NOW so I brought him up stairs to give him a nice, hot bath and then I went to bed with him.

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My Dragon. By Amalia

16/07/2013 at 4:13 PM

I slowly pulled the box under my bed. I smelled wee that was inside the box and I heard the dragon snoring loudly. Green smoke  was coming out of it’s mouth and it smelt like perfume.Very carefully I peeped in , my dragon looked like a python and I thought that my dragon was the Horrid Rotten Henry Boom because I read it in a book called How To Train A Dragon. It has a seewead green face, it has bloody red wings and he has a bright yellow, flexible tail.  I could not belive that it was as fast as a cheetah and it could fly five hundred and forty five miles per hour. He has poison on his wings, he has bright blue hands and his claws are dark black. When it is fully grown it will be as big as Mount Everest!

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My Dragon.By Elliot

16/07/2013 at 4:12 PM

I slowly pulled out my box with my dragon in. Carefully I opened the box a tiny bit because I didn’t know what was in there! I saw a blue and green dragon with red and grey wings. I finally opened the box fully and I saw my dragon had lightning shaped spikes and had a long,green,pointy,poisonous nose and a green,spikey club on the end of its tail.It also had armour that was as hard and strong as diamond.It was as big as a baby tiger and weighed as much as two owls and when it was an adult it would be as big as five elephants and would weigh as much as two killer whales, I knew this because I read about it in a book. I finally called my dragon Lightning Bolt because of his lightning shaped spikes on his back.

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My Dragon. By Polly

16/07/2013 at 4:11 PM

I pulled a box out from under my bed and a crappa cap cap came out of the box (poo) ! I opened the box and a very magical  dragon opened it’s eyes. Its body was one metre long and it was  dark pink , purple , orange , green and light pink. I called it Music Spearer.I weighed him on the bathroom scales and he  weighed 9 pounds. There are 900 of them in France and England I knew where they lived because I had read about them! It’s armed whith hot music fire and when they breath fire it plays music. Their poison is music apples. It can catch Zebras and Deers. Can you belive  their speed is faster than a cheetah? It doesn’t  like baby elephants. I gave him some crumbs of a biscuit. Did you know it’s favourite food is biscuit crumbs? It likes red dots too! I took him to a cave were he played happy and he was very jolly then he had a wonderful sleep, snoring gently in the sunshine while I read my Dragon book to find out how to train him!

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Dragons by 2F.

14/07/2013 at 7:17 AM

We designed our own dragons. We drew them, painted and labelled them. Now finally we have created some amazing clay models of them and have written some descriptions of them. The book,’ How to Train your Dragon,’ by Cressida Cowell inspired all this fabulous work. We have enjoyed listening to the audio book and then have watched excerpts of the film to contrast the plot in the book and the film. Some of the children are even reading other books in the series and they will be blogging book reviews soon!

Here is an ebook of our work.
The Book of Dragons by 2F.

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2F at KS1 Sports Day!

13/07/2013 at 7:34 AM

What a brilliant morning we all had. The four teams in the class all were part of coloured KS1 teams and every event was a relay race so the children really encouraged each other and worked together. We had 7 different events to show some of the skills we have learned. There was a running relay, skipping relay, a relay where you had to collect beanbags in order, an egg and spoon relay, wellie wanging (throwing), a football slalom and probably the favourite – a space hopper relay! Lots of parents and families came to watch us and they even joined in a parents space hopper relay!

Well done everyone, you all put in 10++ effort. Enjoy this video and just look at all the great smiles.

Winning teams were awarded 4 points, the team that came 2nd got 3 points, then 2 points for the 3rd team and 1 for the 4th team. Team points were all eventually added up so each class had a winning team and KS1 had an overall winning team.

Here is the final score board. Work out the winner….


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2LS Castles.

13/07/2013 at 7:24 AM

The children in 2LS are so proud of the castles they made that they invited 2F to come and have a look. The children loved explaining the different features of their castles and enjoyed showing how their castles worked.

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KS1 Sports Day.

10/07/2013 at 2:33 PM

Many thanks to everyone for a BRILLIANT SPORTS MORNING!

More information will follow very shortly, but for now enjoy these pictures from the main school camera 🙂

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Moving up from Year 2 to Year 3.

08/07/2013 at 8:08 PM

Tomorrow evening you are invited to attend a ‘Transition Meeting.’ It will be an opportunity to see your new classrooms over at KS2 and meet your new teachers. It’s going to be such an exciting time for you all, so I hope you can come and join us. If not, if you come to the Friday Mathletics club, we will be able to do another tour after the club. (For a slower version of the Animoto, with a different song, click HERE!)

This star was made on Tagexdo with words chosen by the children in Year 3.

words from year 3Here is the Powerpoint from the Transition Evening converted on Youpublisher.
Moving up, from Year 2 to Year 3.

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Our ‘Save and Spend Game.’

06/07/2013 at 8:00 AM

We put this board game together to help us think about saving and spending money. You can make your own very easily by using a blank calendar page and then thinking about the money you might get and the things you might want to buy.

Our Game Rules.

You can play the game on your own or with friends. Each person needs a counter or playing piece. You need a dice, pencil and paper. You can use coins to help you work out how much money you have.

1. Throw the dice and move forward that number of squares. If you land on a square with a message on it, you must do as the message says, either collecting money or spending money.

2.When you pass Saturday you collect your pocket money even if you don’t land on the square.

3. If you spend all your money or run out of money you have to go back to the beginning!

4. The winner is the person who gets to the end of the month with the most money left!


This 2nd game board is the same but has higher amounts of money. Click on it to view a larger version.

Don’t forget to scroll down to see the link to ‘Billy and the Crocodile’ and to follow all the links to money related games online.game_2


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Magnificent effort on Mathletics.

04/07/2013 at 1:33 AM

image imageScreen Shot 2013-07-04 at 01.35.10

What a brilliant week we are having on Mathletics! Have you listened to us singing our times tables? Some of the children are grabbing a few minutes first thing in the morning, playing during lunchtime and then playing again at home and their scores are just rocketing. We are really proud of the 26 children who have achieved a ‘Gold Certificate’ and 6 of these children have their 2nd Gold Awards.

Today Ben, Chloe and Amalia were all in the Top 10 students and our class got to Number 4 in the UK! An excellent achievement that shows the result of 10+++ effort. 🙂


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‘How to train your dragon!’

02/07/2013 at 8:38 PM

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We are really enjoying listening to the audiobook of ‘How to train your dragon,’ by  Cressida Cowell. Lots of us are reading the book and other books in the series. We have drawn and painted dragons and designed our own dragon which we are going to make out of clay.

We have even been learning some Dragonese!

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Singing our 2x table with Table Toons on Mathletics!

02/07/2013 at 7:37 PM

Remember when you click on the Time Table Toons icon in Mathletics, it opens the songs in a new tab. So you can play Mathletics and listen to the times table songs at the same time! Here are some of us enjoying singing along to the song about the 2x table. More performances to come!

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