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A busy first week back in 2F.

28/02/2015 at 7:15 AM

It’s been an incredibly busy week in 2F this week and the children have all worked very hard. Now that Mrs Lemont and Mr Walker have gone back to university, the children are having to rise to the challenge of working more independently. Well done everyone.

In Literacy we have started our work on the author Julia Donaldson. This week we learned how to write a good book review and the children are being encouraged to add their own book reviews to the Extreme Reading 2014-15 page. The children have also started to write an exciting newspaper article about the Gruffalo! Watch this space!

In Maths the children used Purple Mash, 2 Investigate to gather lots of information about their class. The program then created graph which we used in our Maths lessons to answer questions about the data we had collected. Here are some of the graphs; what can you discover about our class from the graphs?

We have also learned how to use Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams. Here are some links to games to help you practise this new learning.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.15.03Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.18.44Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.16.41Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.17.49

In my phonics group we have looked at

Click on the highlighted words to link to games that will help you practise this learning.

This week our Ethos Statement was ‘I can say how I feel’ and ‘I think about how others feel.’ Our Special Mentions this week are for two children who always show kindness and consideration for their peers, Umayyah and Yusuf. Well done to both of you.

We were very proud today to see 2RF in the list of Top Classes in the UK on Mathletics and nearly everyone managed to achieve their weekly certificate. Obtaining a weekly certificate is one of challenges for this half term, and the best way to achieve this is to play ‘little and often.’ This week we also celebrated Elizabeth and Ollie achieving their Gold Awards. Well done to both of you.

Thank you to everyone for their effort in completing the Learning Log work about telling the time. The Logs have gone home again with a task about either a favourite author or a favourite book. They are due back in school on Tuesday March 10th.

Next week will be another amazing week as we celebrate World Book Day on Thursday. Children can come to school dressed as a book character. Then on Friday we are going to visit the library in Farsley. The Book Fair will also be on from Monday morning and children will be able to use their World Book Day vouchers at it.

I hope you enjoy some of the links in this blog post. Remember that practising your new learning really helps your brain to stretch and remember it. Have a happy weekend.

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Welcome back to school 2H!

23/02/2015 at 6:45 PM


This week we are beginning a new literacy unit that involves looking at different books written by the same author. We are going to be looking at stories written by Julia Donaldson. Today we learnt all about Julia Donaldson and we began to discuss similarities between her books. We also looked at the different illustrators. The children came up with some questions for Julia and we used her website to help answer them. Here is the web address if you want to explore http://www.juliadonaldson.co.uk.

During  the rest of the week we are going to be looking more closely at the characters and comparing the different journeys they go on through the stories. If the children have read any Julia Donaldson books and would like to recommend them, please leave a comment.

In numeracy, we have started the week by looking at numbers and listing the many facts that the children know about different numbers. For example, if the number is odd or even, what numbers add together to make the number, how many tens and units are in the number and so on…Some children even included some multiplication facts for the numbers. For the rest of the week we are going to be doing lots of multiplication and division work.

Have a great week!

Miss Hutchinson



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Day 5. A wonderful day at G.A.V. Senior Secondary School.

18/02/2015 at 12:02 PM


Today we spent the day with our ‘Connecting Classrooms’  partnership school, G.A.V. Senior Secondary School in Kangra. We had an amazing time, working with the children and staff. This evening we visit the local temple and tomorrow we are going to visit a more rural school, Alpine School, for the day. Thank you to everyone for posting comments… The wifi is very weak and intermittent, so it is tricky to blog, but knowing that you are enjoying the postcards, makes it worth the effort! 🙂

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Day 4 – our visit to the temple and Tong Len.

17/02/2015 at 3:59 PM



Another fabulous, busy day….

Tomorrow we are in school in Kangra and will be teaching and watching some lessons too.

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Day 3 – visiting school in Kangra.

16/02/2015 at 11:59 AM

Today we have visited our ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project school, G.A.V. Senior Secondary School. In Kangra. Pupils in the school are aged from 4 yrs to 18 yrs and we were able to tour their school and met many of the students. The Internet is still fairly weak, so I can not upload many pictures, but have created a postcard for today. Thank you for the comments on yesterday’s posting.


Tomorrow is a the festival of MahaShivarti and schools are closed so we will visit a Temple and return to Tong Leng in the afternoon.

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Day 1 & 2 of our trip to India.

15/02/2015 at 1:51 PM

image image


We are having an amazing time in India. The journey was long, but absolutely worth it. The wifi is very weak, so this is just a short posting of the postcards for day 1&2. We have lots of amazing photographs and will share these with you when we get back home.

Today we visited Tong Len and met Jamyang, the Buddhist monk who started the charity. We also met all the wonderful children there; they were so welcoming and greeted us with huge smiles. Thank you to everyone at school who has helped us to raise  £3000 for this inspirational place. We are returning to Tong Len on Tuesday and tomorrow we go to Kangra to visit our Primary School connection.

When ever we stop and have enough signal, I will update you with postcards and news from our trip. Hope you are all having a brilliant half Term. 🙂

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Artists, Museum Curators and Great Learners in 2F.

12/02/2015 at 10:49 PM

What another incredibly busy week we have had!

In Maths this week the children have been working on subtraction ladders and everyone has made brilliant progress. After Half Term we will continue our work on Learning Ladders in Maths and I shall write some blog posts that will explain them in more detail.

In Art we learned about a famous Pop Artist from the 1960s and 70s, Andy Warhol. We looked at different examples of his work, but particularly focused on a set of pictures he did about endangered animals.


We all focused on the picture of the zebra. Together we used dry wipe boards and pens to draw pictures of zebras. We then stopped and gave each other some feedback on our work. We listened to the advice we were given and tried to improve our work. When we were finally happy with our work, it was photocopied and we were able to colour in 2 different versions of our pictures.

Here is an example of a first attempt and a final version.

IMG_8174 IMG_8175

Here are some of the finished pictures.

Today has been the open day of our 1960s and 70s Museum!

What a fabulous day we have all had. 1GJ and RC came to visit in the morning, and then after lunch 6W, 5/6T and 5H came over. We also welcomed parents before school and then for a session at the end of the day. The children were able to present lots of facts they had learned to our guests and then they spent some time showing their visitors all the different artifacts we had collected. We also taught each group of visitors how to do the ‘Hand Jive!’

Tomorrow we say ‘Goodbye,’ to Miss Lemont and Mr Walker, who have been doing their teaching practice with us this Half Term and first started to visit us during the Christmas term. We have all really enjoyed having them with us and we wish them both a successful career as teachers. We hope very much that they will stay in touch with us.

Tomorrow in Special Mention we will be awarding Gold Mathletics Certificates to Evie, Phoebe, Ryan, Rosemary, Ben, Elliot and Ollie. Charlie, Amelia, and Leah have also already been awarded their Gold Awards. It is brilliant to see so many children aiming to achieve weekly certificates. Well done 🙂

Special Mention is going to Bradley and Lauren this week. Bradley always does his very best and has particularly impressed Mrs Hodgson with his determination and positive attitude towards all his learning. Lauren has worked especially hard in Maths – on both her Addition and Subtraction Ladders she has progressed up 4 steps and again has shown ‘grit’ and resilience. Well done to you both. Be a Great Learner.

Mrs Fisher is off on her exciting expedition to India early in the morning. If I get wifi while I am away, I will blog some pictures for you.

Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 23rd February.

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Brilliant homework about telling the time.

12/02/2015 at 10:04 PM

Thank for to everyone for handing in their Learning Log homework about telling the time. Learning Logs will be returned after the Half Term break, but while you at home, please try to keep reading every day and try to get your weekly Mathletics Certificate.

I’m sure you will all agree that the video below is a brilliant way to show how much you have learned about telling the time.

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2H trip to York Castle Museum

10/02/2015 at 3:42 PM

Here are the pictures of our lovely trip to York Castle Museum. There was so much to see! I wonder if the children can name any of the artifacts in the pictures..

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Spirograph on line!

09/02/2015 at 5:28 AM

Just discovered this online version of Spirograph and wanted to share it with you all. http://nathanfriend.io/inspirograph/

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 05.34.53


It was lovely to hear that Miles really enjoyed using this program. Here is the picture which he created and saved.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 06.23.08

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This week in 2F

07/02/2015 at 6:31 AM

In Maths this week we have all been working on Addition Learning Ladders. Our Addition Learning Ladder takes us in steps from adding 2 single digit numbers together, all the way to adding 3 digit numbers together. We all understand that it doesn’t matter where you are on the ladder, what matters is that we all are trying to move up the ladder and together we are helping each other. At the end of the week we then applied our skills and knowledge to solving some addition problems. Next week we are going to start our Subtraction Learning Ladders, and we will keep revisiting the ladders and with practise and effort we will all keep moving up.

IMG_8076 IMG_8077

In Literacy we have continued to learn about the 1960s and 70s and this week we have been news reporters at the 1966 World Cup! A very significant event in 1966, as England won the World Cup! We have also started to organise all our artefacts ready for the 2F 60s and 70s Museum opening, on Thursday 12th February. We used Purple Mash to produce some information sheets about the different sections there will be in our museum.

Yesterday we had a brilliant trip to the York Castle Museum. The children were able to step back in time and wander through a Victorian Street, visit the trenches from the First World War, see a wonderful range of toys from the last century and visit a gallery about the 1960s. Many thanks to all the mums who so kindly travelled to York and joined us for the day. Your support really helped to make it a special day for the children. More photos will follow, when I have downloaded them off the school iPads and next week the children are going to be able to help the museum as currently they don’t have a children’s guide to the museum and they have asked if we could help them produce one.

Finally, as the sound didn’t work on the recording of the Monday recorder group playing in assembly, here is a video of them in their lesson on Monday.

Finally a huge ‘Thank You,’ to everyone for their donations and contributions of cakes, buns and biscuits. So far we have exceeded £2000 in our fundraising for Tong Len. This amount of money will be make a significant difference to the lives of the children and their families in this region of India. As I write our blog post this weekend, I am wondering where I shall be this time next week! When ever we have wifi on our trip, I will try and keep you updated on the Indian School Partnership blog.

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A day with 2H.

07/02/2015 at 6:13 AM

I had a brilliant day with the children in 2H on Monday. In the morning I shared memories of being a child in the 1960s and we talked about the things that were different,  similar and the same as today. The children imagined what it would be like if they travelled back in time and came to play with me for a day when I was only 7 years old. Using PurpleMash they created postcards to send back home.

In the afternoon we learned about Andy Warhol, a pop artist from the 60s and 70s. We looked at his series of pictures showing endangered animals and we all had a go at creating the zebra picture. We helped each other by giving each other feedback on our work and then we used the feedback to improve our work. Everyone put a lot of effort into their work and saw that each time they listened to helpful feedback and tried again, their work improved.

Thank you 2H, for a brilliant day. 🙂 from Mrs Fisher

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This week in 2F.

01/02/2015 at 7:48 AM

Here’s a brief summary of the busy week we have had in 2F.

In Maths we have been learning about time and the children have brought home their Learning Logs with the challenge of showing what they know about time, in any way they wish. They can create learning posters, make clocks, write a song, make a movie, take pictures of clocks….. the choice is theirs. We also learned about rotation, making left and right, quarter and half turns.

In Literacy and Topic the children have continued to learn about the 1960s and 70s. This week they learned all about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing in 1969. They really enjoyed watching this video and did some brilliant drama about being on the moon before writing application letters for jobs at NASA!

In Music, with Mrs Loveridge they have been learning to sing and accompany some of the Beatles songs, while in PE with Mr Walker and Miss Lemont they have been learning to twist and hand jive! On the last Thursday of this half term, we will be opening our 1960s and 70s museum for parents and families to visit and we will be encouraging everyone to join us with a 60s song and dance routine!

Continuing our Maths learning from last week about shape, and using our skills of rotation the children also worked with the shapes in a Tangram to create their own picture. They then marked out the picture on to a tile ready to create some prints next week. We’re going to be learning about Andy Warhol, and will be using the designs we have created to make our own pop art pictures.

Unfortunately we had to postpone our trip to the York Castle Museum because of the snow. I have provisionally rebooked the trip for this Friday and am awaiting confirmation on this.

We had a great day on Friday when we went unplugged! Actually I think it was more of a challenge for the teachers than the children, during the school day. As teachers we definitely are very reliant on our computers and interactive whiteboards and like to check our emails in our breaks! The ukulele group even had to play untuned, as we couldn’t use our digital tuners! Thank you to everyone who brought in donations for Tong Len.

Our Special Mentions this week went to Manroop and Leah for their excellent work in their Learning Logs about the brain. The Mathlete of the week was James, with a score of over 6,000 points. A Gold Mathletics certificate was awarded to Evie. As it was Unplugged Friday, no pictures were taken in Special Mention, but we will catch up on those next week, when all modern technology will be back in use!

On Monday, after school, we will be holding a Bun Sale in the North Dining Hall. Any donations of buns, cakes or biscuits will be very gratefully received and please do come and treat yourself to some delicious goodies after school. Tickets are still available for the Charity Dinner at Deeva on Tuesday 3rd February from 7.00pm. These can be purchased from either school office for £15. There will be a special raffle at the dinner, and tickets for this will also be available at the bun sale.

Thank you also to all the parents and families who attended either of the ‘Blogging Meetings’ we held at school. Thank you also to all the families who are commenting on our blogs and helping us to develop them into a really important part of our teaching and learning at Farsley Farfield.

Have a brilliant weekend, best wishes from all the 2F team.

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