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Another busy week in 2H…

28/06/2015 at 4:50 PM

It has been a very busy week in 2H!

The main focus this week has been the children’s DT projects. They are making a healthy box of chocolates and designing the box to put them in.

In numeracy, the children have been finding out information about each other’s favourite chocolates. Whilst some of the children went to ASDA to research current products, the children in 2F and 2H researched each other’s favourite chocolate bars. They collected their data using tally charts and compared the data by looking at which chocolates were the least and most popular from both classes. The children have also been drawing bar charts to show class results and explaining what they have found out. As well as this, the children have been revising their 3D shapes. They have chosen the 3D shape they would like their box to be and have drawn the 3D net of their chocolate box.


In literacy, the children have been completing a second draft of their ‘Chocolate Factory’ stories. They have been improving their work and have typed up their story making any corrections or changes. The children have also been writing some exciting descriptions for their chocolates. We have looked at using alliteration, similes and powerful adjectives to make their chocolates sound as scrumptious as possible! It made us feel very hungry!

In DT, the children have had a taster session. They were given a mixture of dried fruits and cereals and some melted chocolate including milk, dark and white chocolate. They tried all sorts of different combinations and eventually came up with four ideas for their chocolates. They have also designed sweet wrappers and have come up with a brand name. I was very pleased that the children tried all

In PE, the children have continued to develop their co-ordination, balance and creativity using a football. They were given a very open-ended task of moving the ball around their bodies however they wished. They then practised controlling the ball in the form of ‘dribbling’ and  were  challenged to use the markings on the playground to manoeuvre. For example, dribbling the ball from 1-10 on the hopscotch, keeping the ball in between the ladders, following the squiggly lines and so on. Emelia came up with the idea to dribble the ball around the small white circle (see picture below). She showed great control and kept on going until she managed the whole way around the circle!


We look forward to seeing the DT projects really coming together next week. If everything goes to plan, you should have a mouth watering box of chocolates presented to you on Thursday! We are hoping to open the doors early on Thursday so that you can look at the children’s projects and see how they have got to their end product. They will also be bringing home an evaluation sheet to fill in for their  homework (which will be stuck in their Learning Logs), so they can find out what everyone at home thought of their chocolates.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Miss Hutchinson

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Being great learners.

28/06/2015 at 9:22 AM

It’s been another incredibly busy week again! Everyone has worked incredibly hard, some of the children have even been asking to stay in for some of their lunchtimes to keep going with their work!

On Monday morning, I took a group of children from 2H and 2F to Asda to survey the boxes of chocolates that they sell. The rest of year 2 worked together, surveying each other to find out if there was a difference of opinion between 2H and 2F.

The children discussed their findings. We looked at the use of colour and discovered that Cadbury’s use purple a lot, while other chocolate brands that are appealing to grown ups tend to use colours combinations like cream and gold. Chocolates marketed to families tend to be brightly coloured, like Celebrations and Maltesers. We also noticed that most of the boxes had pictures of chocolates on them. The majority were cuboids, although there were some other interesting shapes, such as the triangular based prism, which we all recognised as the Toblerone box. How would you describe the shape of the Celebrations or Roses boxes?

Looking at our first box designs, many of us have realised that we could improve upon them, so that will be a task for next week!

In Literacy the children have been writing their own Chapter Stories, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have put so much effort into these stories and are now working on a second, improved draft of them. Next week we will share these stories with the children from 1GJ, who are coming for a special story session on Wednesday afternoon. More completed stories will be put on next weeks blog post. Some children chose to redraft on Purple Mash, while others are handwriting theirs out again. Here is Manroop’s brilliant story. In the printed version, she has added pictures to the pages which lack them in this version.

This week we have welcomed two teachers from the school in Kangra, India, which I visited earlier in the year. Reenu and Meenashki came to join in with a Maths lesson. We read the beginning of a story called ‘One Grain of Rice,’ and then started to work out how much rice the girl would get. At the beginning of the challenge we didn’t think it would be a lot, but as we worked, we discovered the power of doubling! At the end of the session, we read the rest of the story and discovered how Rani had used her knowledge of Maths to trick the Raja and help her village.

On Thursday, all KS1 and Reception gathered together for a Special Assembly, to say ‘good-bye’ to our Indian visitors. We presented them with Farsley Farfield sweatshirts to take back to their children and copies of the story of the Gruffalo and a Gruffalo toy, so that they can share this story back in their classes and with their families, while reminiscing about how they met the Gruffalo in the woods at Farsley Farfield on the first afternoon of their visit!

In Special Mention this week, we celebrated the achievements of the children who represented Farsley Farfield at a Mini Olympics Event. Mr Wilkinson has posted more details about the event and pictures on the Year 6 Blog.



Another Gold Award was presented and this weeks Mathlete of the Week achieved over 9,200+ points. This week’s Mathlete of the week has achieved the incredible total of 161,827 points so far this year! Last week 2F achieved 28 certificates, very nearly a full house! Well done everyone for your continued practise and hard work.

IMG_0523 IMG_0524


Special Mentions this week were for perseverance and hard work to complete some more objectives on their Maths Passport and for excellent story writing.


Also in Special Mention we celebrated achievement in dance assessments and listened to some lovely piano music. It is always wonderful to celebrate all the learning and achievements the children make at home, as well as at school.

IMG_0529 IMG_0528

The children were very excited to learn that Mr Sharp is their new class teacher next year and next week they will get an opportunity to visit him and their new classroom, 3S.

Letters will be going out next week with a few dates for your diaries and further details, but you might like to add these dates to your calendar now.

Thursday July 8th – Ks1 Sharing Sessions. Before school and at the end of the day, you can visit your child’s class and look at their work with them. Completed exercise books will be going home.

Monday July 13th – 2F trip to Goole. Co-op Farm. Children arrive back about 4.00pm.

Tuesday July 14th – 4.30pm. Transition Meeting in South Hall. Information and a tour of KS2 for all Year 2 families.

Wednesday July 15th  – 2.00pm. Year 2 & 3 picnic. Parents are invited to join this fun event, hosted by Year 3.

Thursday July 16th  – Sports Day.

You can see, it’s going to be a busy, fun few weeks, and it looks like some nice weather is forecast too!

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Marshmallow Catapults in 2F

24/06/2015 at 7:11 PM

As part of our Science curriculum, the children have been developing their skills in devising and carrying out fair tests. We have also been testing materials to see how they can change. The children were given the challenge of finding the best elastic for making a marshmallow catapult. Last week, we tested different types of elastic to see how far they stretched. Using this knowledge, the children then made predictions about which would make the best catapult. This week, the children had to think about how to make the test fair, they had to carry out the test and then measure and record the results. The results were quite surprising!

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This week in 2F

21/06/2015 at 8:12 PM

It’s been another busy week in 2F.

In Literacy we are al busy being authors. We’re writing our own stories inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m not going to give any details away…. you will have to wait until next week to read and listen to some of our fabulous stories.

In Maths we tackled an interesting challenge. “If I had a bag with some 2D shapes in it, the shapes only have straight sides, and the total number of sides is 20. No shape has more than 10 sides. What shapes could be in the bag?” The challenge helped us revisit our learning about 2D shapes, so that we knew all the different shapes we could choose from. We then began to think about all the different combinations there might be. At first we jotted down our ideas as they randomly came to us, but then we discovered that it was easy to record our answers on a table and we tried to think about the problem in a more systematical way. We didn’t find all the combinations of shapes that could be in the bag, but we did all learn a lot about problem solving and thinking systematically.

This week we were thrilled to be handing out two, Second Mathletics Gold Certificates and the Mathlete of the Week award for a score of over 9,000 points. We were also thrilled to see 2F in the top 50 classes list. The top classes has changed the way it is calculated and is no longer based on the class total, but instead is based on the average score per pupil in the class. We achieved 28 certificates and an average pupil score of 2,426! Well done to everyone.

Special Mentions were awarded to two children for the kindness and caring they have shown the rest of the class and the positive words they have been using to help keep us all happy. We also celebrated the achievement of a first piano certificate. Well done to you all. 🙂

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Nature activities and ukuleles at the Sleep Over.

21/06/2015 at 6:27 PM

What a wonderful time we all had at the ‘Sleep Over.’ In the North Nature Centre we were hosting some very special activities in the late afternoon. Together the children created a wonderful nature themed chalk art work. Many children enjoyed creating sticky boards and going on an iSpy hunt for different leaves. But the event that caused the greatest excitement was definitely the story walk! I don’t think any of the children were quite expecting to find this creature in our conservation area……

When we finished the activities in the North Nature Centre, the Ukulele Group gathered together and performed some f their favourite songs. The audience joined in, playing on our spare ukuleles and tambourines and singing along with us. Well done to all the ‘Sing and Strum’ group, you’ve all worked so hard to learn so many songs and you played with such enthusiasm. Some of the audience came to ask about joining the club, which was fantastic. We will be starting a new beginners group in September and younger players will be able to join with a parent coming to the club with them. The original club, will also keep going and will run alongside the new club….. so watch up for bigger and evn better performances to come!

5 2 1 6 7 4

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Chocolate Survey – please let us know what your favourite is.

21/06/2015 at 3:39 PM

As part of our DT project we are going to create our own special treats, complete with labels and packaging. To help us, we have been creating and completing some surveys.

The children have completed a survey on Purple Mash and will be using these results as part of this weeks Maths. Mrs Hutchinson has also created a Survey Monkey for parents and staff to complete. I wonder if the results of the adults survey will be the same as the survey we have done in class?

Please click on the image below and then complete the survey for us. We will  reveal the results next week, when we use them to help us decide on our own creations.


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Another ‘scrumdidillyumptious’ week in 2F!

14/06/2015 at 7:57 PM

Can you guess which author we are all enjoying? Which book are you reading? Don’t forget you can post a book review on our Extreme Reading Page…


We have continued to be inspired by Roald Dahl’s amazing book, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Did you know that originally more children won Golden Tickets and visited the factory? We read the missing chapter, ‘Spotty Powder,’ and discovered the character Miranda Piker. We also ventured into the Fudge Room and  read the chapter discovering the characters Tommy Troutbeck and Wilbur Rice.

Click the image of the Fudge Room to link to the chapter, as it was printed in The Guardian in 2014.

Quentin Blake Charlie main illo


The children have created their own characters who are going to be the lucky winners of a sixth ticket. They have also been sketching and painting their own special setting in the factory for their character to visit. We even added sugary and chocolate details to our settings with cake decorations!

In Maths, we continued to work on subtraction, as when we had been working on problem solving in the context of shopping for sweets, we found working out change to be the trickiest part of the problems. A little extra practice has helped us to improve our skills. If you go shopping, see if your child can work out the change you need to receive from the shop keeper.

This week’s Special Mentions went to two girls, who all year, have been the very best they can be, in everything that we have done together. Well done!

Two more Mathletics Gold Certificates were awarded and the Mathlete of the week, achieved an amazing 8000+ points! Well done to you all. 🙂

Next week will be another exciting week as we begin to write our own stories about our characters and their adventures in the Chocolate Factory. If you’re in the Ukulele Club, you might like to do some extra practice, ready for our session at the Sleep Over next Saturday. Click onto the Sing and Strum page for a link to the Purple Mash booklet with the words and chords. There will also be some fun activities in the North Nature Centre for everyone to enjoy.


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Willy Wonka came to visit in 2H!

12/06/2015 at 3:38 PM

This week, we have continued our learning around the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

In literacy, we have been thinking about describing settings and have particularly focussed on how authors create tension and suspense. The children had a special visit from Mr Willy Wonka himself who took the children on an adventure to ‘The Chocolate Room’. All the children invented their own setting and wrote a description of the setting from an author’s point of view. The children were asked to include commentary to make their writing lively, for example ‘Augustus couldn’t believe his eyes…’ and were also asked to use adverbs to create more tensions and excitement. For example, ‘Slowly, Charlie walked towards the chocolate river’.

In numeracy, we have been looking at different fractions and have been finding fractions of numbers. Some children have started looking at equivalent fractions and have been using a fraction wall to help with this. We have also started collecting some data about what our favourite chocolate bars are. The children collected data using a tally and will be choosing the most appropriate way to represent their findings next week.

In science, we have been investigating with chocolate. During the lesson we had two investigations taking place. The first investigation was to discover how long it took for a tray of ice cubes to melt in the sun. The children took it in turns to monitor the temperature outside and described what was happening. It took about 30 minutes for the ice to melt completely. Alongside this, the children predicted and timed how long it took for a piece of chocolate to melt in their hands. They then wrote a description about what happened including  reference to solids, liquids and gases. The children were very interested in the changes in the state of material and we had a very interesting discussion about the water cycle.

Year two have a trip to Goole coming up. 2H will be going on Monday 6th July. A letter will be going out on Monday.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hutchinson




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Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Palace

09/06/2015 at 7:34 PM

In Science this week we have been investigating which chocolate would make the best bricks for Willy Wonka’s chocolate palace. We had to find the chocolate which was least likely to melt in the hot sun. The children helped plan and devise the investigation, thinking about how to make it a fair test. They then measured the length of time it took the different types of chocolate to melt. The children predicted what they thought was going to happen and drew conclusions giving reasons for their ideas.

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Gloriumptious start to this half term!

06/06/2015 at 10:44 AM

Roald Dahl fever has hit Year 2 and we are all really enjoying reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together. The children have explored the character of Charlie Bucket, the hero of the story and have discovered the less likeable characters of the other children who found Golden Tickets. We had a very interesting class discussion about what they would have done if they had been Charlie and had found the 50p coin, or when he was offered £200 for the ticket! Next week we are going to be finding out about some characters which were in Roald Dahl’s original versions of the book, and then were taken out when he redrafted and improved his story before it was published. We’ll also be making up our own characters and deciding what might have happened to them at the chocolate factory!

In ICT the children used the links from the blog post below to find out about Roald Dahl and then worked using Purple Mash, open on a second tab, to create a fact file about the author. Here are some examples that show how much the children learned him.

In Maths we have used the theme of shopping in a sweet shop to do some of Willy Wonka’s Marvellous Maths Challenges. By the end of the week, we were able to work out the total of several items, pay with a coin or note with a higher value, work out the change and then decide how you could give the smallest number of coins as change. So now when you are out shopping, please try and challenge your child to use these maths skills. (You might need to take a pice of paper and a pencil with you!)  Next week we will do a little more work on giving change as many of the children were more confident in their addition, than they were in their subtraction. We will then apply our multiplication skills to pretending to buy lots of items at the same cost.

This week we had awarded 5 Gold Mathletics Certificates. We are always very proud of children who achieve these Gold Awards as it requires 20 weeks of scoring over 1000 points on Mathletics. Our Mathletes of the week are also pictured below.

Our Special Mentions were awarded for particularly impressive debating skills. They listened to the opinions of the class, but then were able to very clearly explain they own decisions and argue why they were going to stick to their beliefs in a very eloquent manner. One child argued that they would have taken the 50p home to their family and let them decide what they wanted to do with the money, while the other would have gone to the sweet shop like Charlie did, but would have carried on buying chcoclate bars, if he hadn’t won the ticket and would have spent all the money on chocolate! It wasn’t about there being a right or wrong answer, but about being able to put over your opinion, and they both did this brilliantly.

Next week, we have our class photographs on Wednesday 10th June, so please ensure that your child comes to school looking smart in their uniform on this day. ( We have asked the cook not to give them Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch!)

Have a brilliant weekend 🙂

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