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Practising for our Christmas Performance.

28/11/2015 at 7:21 AM


We have started to put our Christmas performance together.

We would really appreciate it if your child practised the songs and the dance at home. Click below for the words to the songs.

Song words for Christmas Performance 2015

The children will also be bringing home a small booklet with the words next week.

Below is the Strictly dance which all the children are learning. The dance is quite challenging, but it has shown the children that if they practise something and do their best, they can achieve and that practise really does make progress.

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Bully Free Zone

21/11/2015 at 8:56 AM

The children from the KS1 School Council met for lunch on Friday and together we talked about bullying. We had all listened to the Anti Bullying assembly on Monday and reflected on what we had learned. I am pleased to say that the children felt that there were only a couple of incidents of bullying that they could recall happening in their classes and they were able to talk about how the situation had been dealt with and that currently they didn’t feel there was any bullying taking place in KS1.
We talked about how sometimes we may fall out with our friends, but that it is important to make up again and say ‘sorry’ to each other and that these incidents are not bullying.
We wanted to create a poster to display around school, so we shared our ideas and then decided to use the bee hive to put our messages on. Once the messages were on the beehive, we talked about the bee and decided it was important to leave the school ethos messages on the bee, as when we follow these we are also helping to create a bully free and happy place to learn in.
We will be sharing our poster with KS2 School Councillors, so they may decide to tweak it, but here is our original version.
Bully Free Zone_1

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Find out about New Zealand.

21/11/2015 at 8:24 AM

Click on the links below. What can you find out about New Zealand? Post the facts that you learn as comments on the post.
Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 08.14.59Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 08.16.14Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 08.18.17new-zealand-sheep-300x199mnewzeaScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 08.26.09

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This week in Year 2.

21/11/2015 at 8:07 AM

This week the children started their Geography topic. We started by refreshing our skills if using an atlas and identifying the continents and oceans. We then used our knowledge to help us write questions for quizzes, remembering to use question marks and capital letters for all the places, as they are all proper nouns. Next week we are going to find out about New Zealand and will be emailing a  school in New Zealand with our questions and sharing information about our school, Farsley, Yorkshire, England and the United Kingdom.

In Maths we have been learning about division. The children did practical work first, sharing out counters and then recording the division sum.

At the end of the week the children played a sorting game. They had to match up the related multiplication and division calculations, questions, pictures, jumps on a numberline and arrays. They worked in their teams and over the course of the session they learned a lot about sorting in a systematic way.

We also used our sorting skills in our Science lesson, when we thought about different objects and the materials they are made of. We talked about why different materials were used to make certain things, particularly why plastic is used for so many of our toys. See if your child can tell you the materials that things around the house are made from and give you an explanation as to why that material is used.

photo 3

The children have also been assigned games on Mathletics in the tab, Multiply and Divide and we have encouraged them to keep working on them until they achieve a ‘good work’ or ‘perfect’ bar. Remember that if you are struggling, it means your brain will be growing and you are learning, also click on the question mark for help.

Our Mathlete of the week was Joseph, who scored over 4,000 points. At the time of writing this blog post, 2F have reached 25th position in the top UK classes, with an average point score of 2,400+ per child. Brilliant effort 🙂

In phonics this week we have been exploring the different ways the ‘l’ sound is formed at the end of words, for instance table, travel and capital. 

Thank you for all the learning logs returned last week. The children had all worked hard at home finding out interesting information about a wide range of different countries, from Finland to Australia, Brazil to Pakistan. Learning Logs  have gone home again and the work set is to show your knowledge of times tables. We have worked on the 0,1,2,5 and 10x tables, but your child can show their learning of any times tables and the related division facts.

The children enjoyed sharing their logs with each other.

photo 4 photo 5

Special Mention this week were –
2F – Pareen, for practising his times tables at home, nearly every day this week.
George, for always working hard in class and approaching every task with determination.
Well done to you both for ‘Being a Great Learner.’

2C -Max, for fantastic effort in maths this week during our work on division.
Charley, for trying her best and working hard in all our sessions this week.
Well done to you both for ‘Being the best you can be.’

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Multiplication and Division.

15/11/2015 at 7:18 PM

We have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and how to draw arrays to help us solve other multiplication problems. Encourage your child to practise times tables by playing on the games on Mathletics or by using these links, which we will also use in class.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 19.07.01Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 19.08.58

Next week look at division. We will learn that division is also about grouping and sharing. We will see the relationship between multiplication and division, so that is we know 3×5=15, then we will also know 5×3=15 and 15÷3=5 and 15÷5=3. Click on the links below to play the games.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 18.58.02 Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 18.55.39Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 19.14.36

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This week in Year 2

14/11/2015 at 10:37 AM

It’s been such a busy week; I’ve already posted two posts below and there’s still more news to share!

Friday was Children in Need, and the children came in their home clothes and brought in donations for Children in Need. Thank you also to the parents who bought the badges and baked cakes and biscuits for the bun sale. The children went down to the hall and placed their coins on a picture of Pudsey Bear. We are wrote messages about changes we would like to make and these will form a new display in the hall, very soon. Together we raised a fabulous total of over £925.

We also had a very special visitor to assembly at the end of the day!

This week in phonics we have been exploring some alternative phonemes.

wr – making the sound r, as in words like wrong, write and wrote.

c – making the sound s, as in words like circle and cinema.

kn – making the sound n, as in words like knock.

gn – making the sound n, as in words like gnome.

Special Mentions in both year classes were for children who had worked especially hard on their poems –  Yaqoob and Alfie from 2C and Harry, Sally and Zahrah from 2F. Well done to these children.

Our Mathlete of the week was Corday, with an amazing score of over 5000 points. Year 2 achieved 30 certificates last week. Keep up the good work and remember that practise makes progress.

Next week we start a new topic and will be finding our about different countries and continents. We look forward to the children bringing in their learning logs, so that we can see which country they decided to find out about at home. We are going to be sending messages to a school in New Zealand to help us find out more about this wonderful country.

Enjoy your weekend. Well done from all the Year 2 Team.


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Poppies, Remembrance, poems and Hilary Robinson.

14/11/2015 at 9:59 AM

Inspired by the wonderful book, ‘Where the poppies now grow,’ by Hilary Robinson and our trip to see Poppy:wave at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we have been busy working on a collaborative art project and being poets.

Every child in Year 2 created a large poppy, using metallic paper and layers of tissue paper. Attached together with split pins and then secured into thick straws with a wooden screwer inside them. Some of the children found the large poppies really challenging to make, but then when we made the smaller poppies they discovered that their struggle had helped them and now they could master these smaller poppies with more confidence. Together we created over 200 small poppies and these were wired into a single piece of art, so it could be displayed with the large poppies and then taken to the Farsley War memorial. On Wednesday, 11th November at 11.00 all the children from the North Building, stood together at the end of playtime, on the playground, near our poppy display and stood for the 2 minutes silence. We finished with a short few words of remembrance for all the soldiers of the 1st and 2nd World War, but also for those who have lost their lives in war and together we prayed for peace across the world.


The child created word webs about poppies and war, thinking about descriptive adjectives and verbs and adverbs to describe movements and actions. Having used these words and phrases to create verses for their poems, we spent time reading them together and making changes to improve them. Again we discovered that good learning can feel like a struggle, we had to think hard and kept making mistakes, but gradually we saw some amazing poems created from our hard work.

On Thursday we walked together down to the Farsley War Memorial, carrying with us our special poppy wreath. The children with their poems formed a circle round the memorial and the rest of the class walked round listening to each poem being read out. We then all held hands together and stood in silence to respect the soldiers from Farsley and all those who have died in war. We prayed together for peace. It was a very special trip and I would like to thank the family members who came on the trip with us too.

Here are photographs of 2C on their trip too.


On Friday we were thrilled to welcome the author of the book that had inspired our poems, Hilary Robinson. She came and visited both 2F and 2C and read her story, ‘The Christmas Truce,’ to the children. Do look at her website http://www.hilaryrobinson.co.uk/, it has lots of information about her and the wonderful books that she has written. The children listed carefully and we learned a lot about the stories behind the book and the illustrations. She talked to the children too about how as an author, she spends a long time thinking about ideas and often comes up with the ending first, then the title and then fills in the rest, drafting and redrafting until she is happy with the book. She encouraged us all to be authors and to keep writing. Some of the children read their poems to her and I know she was really impressed with the quality of the children’s writing.

Here is a short video of Hilary Robinson reading the beginning of ‘The Christmas Truce,’ with the children.

We would all like to thank Hilary Robinson for coming to visit us. It was a very special end to a wonderful week inspired by her book. 🙂

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Maths, learning our tables and drawing arrays.

14/11/2015 at 9:01 AM

It is wonderful to see so many children really enjoying their Maths learning and developing a really positive attitude towards their Maths learning. We have talked about the importance of challenge and how easy work doesn’t stretch our brain, so now we all take on challenges, and often our learning can feel quite a struggle, but then when we get there, we are really proud of our new learning. You can almost feel the heat coming off the children’s heads as they grapple with Maths….

At the end of one of our Maths lessons we watched this video and discussed what Jo Boaler and her students tell us.You might like to watch the video at home and talk about it with your family. I would really appreciate your thoughts as comments on this post.

We have been learning our tables using a book called 2×2=Boo! A fitting book for this time of year, as it is a spooky collection of multiplication stories!

We created the times tables with objects and also learned how to draw arrays. We saw how we could turn the array around and so saw that multiplications can be swapped around in the same way as additions.

When we had learned how to do arrays we did a task from Jo Boaler, the professor of Maths at Stanford University’s website, Youcubed. The task was to use a dice and record arrays on a 100 square and keep going until you couldn’t fit the array on to the sheet. The first time we did it, some of didn’t think about where we were placing the arrays and soon we couldn’t find a space for our next array. We had lots of unfilled spaces. We started to think more carefully and tried again. Some of even tackled the task with a 400 square and a 9 sided dice. You might even like to try the challenge at home. Post a comment to let me know how you get on.

I assigned the children some brilliant games on Mathletics to help them practise this learning. Some have finished them, but others still have a few to complete. Some children have been bringing in sheets of extra practise for their times tables, we will be busy ticking off objectives on their Maths Learning Journey next week!


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Do the strictly.

14/11/2015 at 7:47 AM

Below is the tutorial for learning how to dance the strictly. Everyone is KS1 has been set the challenge of learning this. It is quite tricky, so it will take practise and determination to learn the dance.

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Last week, when I couldn’t blog…

14/11/2015 at 7:15 AM

Here is the email that was sent home last week.

Dear parents,

While you are able to view our Year 2 blog, the administration part of it is down. It will be sorted very soon, but in the meanwhile, here is a brief update of last week’s learning and this week’s events.

Thank you to everyone who attended parents evening on Tuesday or Wednesday. Miss Cuthbert and myself really enjoyed the evenings. It was good to be able to share all your child’s learning with you.

In Literacy we learned about Guy Fawkes and the events of the Gun Powder plot on November 5th 1605. We then used fireworks as the inspiration for some more poetry writing. When the blog is up again, I will post some of the children’s poems; they are fabulous. We learned how to use onomatopoeia and alliteration. We also used our knowledge of creating noun phrase by using adjectives to describe the fireworks and we remembered to use comma to separate the adjectives. Next week, we will continue to be poets but our theme is based around Remembrance Day and the 1st World War.

In Maths we have started to learn our tables. We used a book called ‘2×2 =BOO!’ and discovered the secrets of the ‘0’ and ‘1’ times table.

(Ask your child!) We then learned about drawing arrays to help us visualise multiplication and we worked on our 2x and 5x table. The children were assigned games on Mathletics to help them to pracitse their learning.

Learning Logs have been sent home and the new task is to choose a country and find out about it. This will be shared with the class, when we start our next topic, ‘Wonderful World.’

Spelling books are now going to go home every week, with 4 or 5 words from the New Curriculum Spelling List for Year 2. Please encourage your child to learn these words and also to write them out neatly, thinking about the size and shape of the letters and how they will join together. They are presented in a cursive font in the spelling books, to help your child see where the flicks go.

All the children in KS1 have been introduced to the songs we will be learning for this years Christmas performance. It is a nativity with a mathematical theme, so the children will also sing the songs at the beginning or end of their Maths lessons! Soon they will be bringing home the words for the songs; please encourage them to learn them.

We have also set them a special challenge – to learn the ‘Strictly.’ This is quite a tricky dance; it will help them to see what they can achieve with practise and determination. Here is the link, so that they can practise at home too – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p034sj7n

Next week –

Wednesday – Remembrance Day. Year 2 Poppy Sculpture, inspired by our trip to the Poppy:Wave at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, will be on display on the grassy bank near the conservation area. Also our wreaths and some of our poetry.

Thursday – Walk to the War Memorial. Please return the slip, if you would like to walk with your child’s class to the War Memorial in Farsley. We will be laying our wreathes and reading our some of poetry.

Friday – Children in Need. Home clothes, Champions of Change and the Farsley Farfield Bake Off!

In the meantime, have a great Sunday. I hope to see some of you at the Table Top Sale in the North Building, this morning.

Well done to everyone for a brilliant start to the new half term.

Mrs Fisher.

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