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Honey biscuits, sharing bee books, marvellous maths games and goodbyes!

26/07/2017 at 11:32 AM

This week in Year 2 we have enjoyed some end of year treats and activities:

We read the story Honey Biscuits by Meredith Hooper and then followed the same recipe to make our own. 

We really enjoyed mixing the ingredients together and shaping the dough into balls.

Later on we shared our bee books with our reading buddies. They were really impressed with our writing!

We had a great time in maths this week designing and making our own board games to help us with our maths skills.

Finally, we have enjoyed an epic end of year assembly!

We have had an absolutely brilliant year this year with lots of highlights. A big thank you to all the children for their hard work, enthusiasm and fantastic attitude towards everything we do. We wish you a happy and successful time in Year 3! Thank you also to the wonderful Y2 parents for all your support and hard work this year and for all of you who have volunteered on trips and special days. Finally, thank you to all the staff that have worked in Year 2 this year.

Have a wonderful summer!

from the Year 2 team.

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Time flies in Year 2!

21/07/2017 at 2:01 PM


We have been solving time problems and working out time intervals this week. We have been using our understanding of reading clocks in both analogue and digital time to compare the difference between two times.

Can you work out how long each activity lasts?

Super Mathletes! 

We celebrated the success of Mathletics today in our Special Mention Assembly. We found out that collaboratively Year 2 earned the highest number of points this year out of all the classes in Years 2-6! Five lucky mathletes in Year 2, reached the top 10 of the highest individual scores in the school. They each received a special Mathletics pen and wristband. Keep up the hard work in Year 3!  https://community.mathletics.com/signin#/student

1st Class @ number

We have also shared the success of another group of mathematicians this week. Four children have graduated from Mrs kenny’s [email protected] maths group. We have been so pleased with their progress. last week they each received a special certificate and prize for their efforts and this week they shared the games they played in the group with some of their friends.


We have finished our bee books! This week we added a glossary and index page. We spent a lot of time making sure we had the correct alphabetical order!

Next week we are going to share these with our reading buddies.


Have a lovely weekend. See you all next week for the final 3 days of the year!

from The Year 2 Team

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Another super week in Year 2!

14/07/2017 at 12:34 PM

This week we have been thinking about getting ready for Year 3. We talked about changes in assembly and the children have discussed their thoughts and feelings about moving into Year 3. They had a fantastic afternoon meeting their new teachers and working in the junior building. They particularly enjoyed playing out and exploring the KS2 play areas! Next week we are looking forward to joining the current Year 3s for the transition picnic. We hope to see many of you there!


We have consolidated our learning about telling the time from earlier in the year and have introduced digital time in preparation for Year 3.

Children have been reading, writing and matching times.

Here is a game you could try at home…




We are still working on our bee books. This week we have written information about why bees are important, how bees make honey and have labelled a bee. Next week we will finish our bee books by including a glossary and index page.


We have really been enjoying our work on using maps. This week we have added colour and detail to a very plain map of Farfield Farm and then added a key to make it easy for somebody to read.

Sports Day

We had a brilliant time at sports day. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to cheer the children on. Here are a few year 2 photos….

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team


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A Busy Week in Year 2!

07/07/2017 at 1:02 PM

What a busy week we have had in Year 2!


Visiting the Bees  

On Tuesday morning, we went to visit the bees. Mrs Gilhooley and Mrs Laurie amazed us with their knowledge about bees. We were very lucky to be able to watch the bees at work in the observation hive.
For the rest of the week in our English lessons, we have been making our own non fiction books about bees. We are continuing this work next week.


As part of our work in Geography, we used maps of the Farfield Farm to locate different markers.

Skipping Fun Workshop

On Thursday, we enjoyed learning some new skipping skills with Leanne from Skipping School.

Numberline Methods

In Maths, we have been using numberlines to help us work out multiplication and division calculations.



Use this method to work out the following calculations:

3 x 6 =
8 x 5 =
7 x 3 =

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