Farsley Farfield Year 2

Join us on our learning adventures.

A Polar Adventure!

26/11/2021 at 1:46 PM

This week we have used drama, stories and information texts to find out more about Polar lands and the animals that live there.

We began our English lessons this week by going on a Polar adventure. Through drama, the children thought about what to pack, how to travel and what they would see on their journey to the Arctic. When we arrived we found a penguin who was clearly a long way from home. The children thought of different solutions, eventually deciding that we would take the lost penguin home back to Antarctica!

Next we used the story Poles Apart to inspire our writing. This story tells a similar tale to our drama of penguins lost in the North Pole. Luckily they meet a friendly polar bear called Mr White, who was willing to take them on a journey back to their home. The children wrote wonderful postcards from Mr White’s point of view which detailed their journey from the Arctic to Antarctica and the countries they visited on the way.

Maths- Money, Money, Money!

In maths this week we have been busy making different amounts of money using coins and notes. Please spend some time this weekend playing shops and using real money to pay.

Here are some games to play:




In PSHE we continued our work on friendship. We talked about what can cause friendships to break and how we can mend friendships. We enjoyed reading the story, Sharing a Shell.

Here we are making some friendship bracelets!

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Preparing for winter in Year 2

19/11/2021 at 2:02 PM

This week we have been thinking about how animals will be preparing for winter.


In our English lessons we have been watching video clips and reading information to find out more about different animals. The children enjoyed learning about squirrels and some of the clever things they do. Children wrote fact sentences to explain how they get ready for winter by fattening up, storing nuts and making comfy homes. We also found out about hedgehogs and other animals that hibernate.

We have also been learning about rules for changing nouns from singular to plural.

You could try this game on phonics play:



In maths this week we continued our work on addition and subtraction. Children are now really confident in how they can add and subtract two 2-digit numbers using tens and ones and some children managed to master exchanging too. Well done!

You could use this game to practise:


Find the supporting calculation section on the web page, then select the TU+TU or TU-TU activity!

Next week we will be moving on to money. Perhaps over the weekend you could empty your money boxes to see if you know what all the coins and notes are!


The children should have brought home their new Numbots password. We have a trial period for using this specifically for KS1 and if we like it, we will sign up. Please let us know what you think.


We have started to think about hot and cold areas of the world and have looked at why some places have hot and others have cold climates. Children learned about the equator and the poles. We recapped our knowledge about the different continents, labelling these on a world map.

Here is an activity to practise this:


We also found out about some of the animals that live in polar regions and how they have adapted to live there. The children researched the different animals to find out if they lived in the Arctic or Antarctica.

Anti-bullying Week

This year the theme is ‘One Kind Word’. We made a paper chain, writing a kind word on each link. Look how long they are!


We learned more skills in out Gym Magic session this week:


We have started to make a design for a polar animal hanging decoration. Please bring in any colourful ribbon or buttons from home if you have any.

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Remembrance and Friendship in Year 2

12/11/2021 at 1:33 PM

This week we have been learning about why we wear a poppy on Remembrance Day. Children were able to talk about why it is important to remember those who have fought and died in wars and other conflicts. We enjoyed creating some poppy field artwork after looking at some examples by famous artists.

In our PSHE lessons, we have been thinking about what it means to be a good friend. Last week we wrote a recipe for friendship, exploring different qualities. This week we have talked about how it can feel to be left out and what we can do if someone is feeling left out.


We have started to think about how animals prepare for autumn and winter. We read the story ‘Follow the Swallow’ by Julia Donaldson, which tells the tale of two friends, Chack the Blackbird and Apollo the Swallow. They learn about how each of the birds finds a different way to survive in the winter. The children wrote book reviews, sentences to describe the animals and a letter from one character to another.

We have focused on using apostophes this week too.

Contraction Apostrophes:

Apostrophes for Possession:

Next week, we will be learning more about how animals prepare for winter; your homework will help you prepare for this!

Enjoy the story again……


In maths this week, we have been learning strategies for adding 2 digit numbers.

We have used base 10 (tens and ones) to partition each number into tens and ones then recombine to find the total.

We now understand how to partition each number into tens and ones and have some strategies for recording our methods. We haven’t introduced any formal methods for addition and subtraction yet such as column addition or subtraction; this is because we want to ensure that children have a secure understanding of place value and partitioning first.


This week, both classes enjoyed a gymnastics session with Caroline from Gym Magic. the children learned some different shapes and practised making them in different positions. they then learned how to do different jumps and finally made a sequence with a partner. Caroline will teach both classes every Monday afternoon for the rest of this half term. Please remember indoor PE kits on Mondays and outdoor on Wednesdays. We continued some rugby skills in our outdoor PE session.

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Starting Half Term 2 with a Bang!

05/11/2021 at 1:30 PM

Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing half term break. The children have come back to school ready to learn and have impressed us with their hard work and attitude to learning.


In English this week, we have been exploring right choice words in fireworks poems. The children have suggested words to describe how fireworks, look, move and sound; As part of this we have looked at spelling rules for adding ing. We have looked at how we can use alliteration and rhyme. Children have read, performed and written their own poetry.

The children have learned the term expanded noun phrase and have also learned how to use a comma when separating a list of adjectives. we thought of expanded noun phrases for making a witch’s potion.

expanded noun phrase:  a phrase which gives extra information about the noun e.g.  a large hat/ a large, black hat/ a large, black hat with silver stars on.


This week in maths we have been looking at adding 1s to a 2 digit number crossing ten. This has been quite tricky! We have used our number bond knowledge to help us.

The white rose maths video shows the methods we have been using:

Today we have started to look at subtraction. Next week we will be starting to look at how we add two 2 digit numbers.


In history this week, we learned all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. The children listened well to the story and considered the historical evidence. Can the children remember what happened in 1605?

We have also talked about how to stay safe around fireworks. The children wrote some safety rules.


On Tuesday, eight children went to Priesthorpe after school for a rugby session with Leeds Rhinos. In our PE lesson the following day, the children showed their classmates what they had learned and we played some of the games and activities.

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