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2L’s Boggits!

Tuesday 10th May | 2 comments

We have had such fun this afternoon making our very own boggits! If you don’t know what a boggit is, well let me educate you:  a boggit is a little magical creature which is made of clay and natural materials. When you make your boggit, if you put lots of love, time and care into your creation then a little bit of magic is transferred from you into your boggit!  Next week in DT, we are going to start designing and building shelters for our little friends using natural materials we find outside.

Here are some of our creations:

2 responses to “2L’s Boggits!”

  1. Jenny Scott says:

    Your Boggits look magical Year Two! I bet they were fun to make.

  2. kate park says:

    Finn told me all about the Boggits, he really enjoyed making them.

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