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Firework paintings.

Saturday 9th November | 5 comments

The children who come to the Art and Craft club learned how to use metallic paints to create a fabulous firework painting. Later in the week they got to be coaches and were able to help their friends in class , showing them how to paint the firework picture.

Everyone worked so quietly and concentrated so hard. Enjoy our pictures and see how hard we worked.

This is a simpler version so you can view each picture without the firework effects!

5 responses to “Firework paintings.”

  1. Brianna says:


  2. Dhaya says:

    Fab firework pictures!

    • janefisher says:

      Hello Dhaya, thank you for commenting on our blog. I’m glad you enjoyed our firework pictures.Thank you from Mrs Fisher 🙂

  3. priyanka says:

    Firework paintings are superb.The effect came out by using metallic colours is very lively.Great work 2F.

  4. Emma Pickering says:

    Well done 2F!! We love these firework pictures. We were really proud of Colm for getting special mention for his picture!

    Also well done to the children that were coaches, teaching the rest of the class to produce such wonderful and detailed pictures!!

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