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Sunday 4th October | No comments yet

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures from our trips to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Back at school the children continued to work on the sketches that they did, sat by the lake looking at the Poppy:Wave. Here are the completed pictures from 2F. I think you will agree they are really magical and do convey the beauty of the sculpture.

In ICT the children have also been working in PurpleMash and they used the Impressionist and Mosaic tools to help them create pictures of the Poppy:Wave and the Octopus. We also learned how to open, save and print our work. Your children can use PurpleMash at home too, with their own logins and passwords.

While Mrs Fisher was on the trip with 2C, Mrs Loveridge came and worked with 2F. Together the children sorted through the bags of natural objects they had collected off the ground at the park. See all the beautiful autumn leaves and the variety of seeds that they found together.

The children then explored the school grounds and found more seeds. Can you identify some of the seeds they found? How do these seeds end up growing in the soil?

Thank you for the excellent Learning Log work which was returned this week. Here are some images of logs from 2C.

Children in 2F enjoyed showing each other their fabulous work, sharing it in a special sharing circle.

This weeks Learning Log work has been sent home. On our trip we asked the question, What is Art? For their Learning Log work, we have asked the children to think about this question, they may choose to look at some artists and their work or they may wish to create some art work themselves. How the children answer the question is up to them and their imaginations and creativity.

Next week will be another busy week. School photos are being taken on Tuesday, we are going South to a workshop by the author, Chris Moulds on Wednesday and Thursday morning, it is Harvest Festival. We have been learning a couple of songs and next week we will be writing some autumn poems and doing some autumn inspired artwork. Please do catch up with this weeks other exciting blog posts about our trip and also the upcoming special Maths and fundraising event!

Enjoy your weekend, from all Team 2.

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