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Practise, reflection, feedback and perseverance in 2F

Saturday 22nd November | 8 comments

Together we looked at 3 famous paintings of poppy fields.

vincent-van-gogh-field-with-poppies-iii Poppy-Field-in-Argenteuil-Claude-Monet klim-akg048

We talked about how each painting was very different, yet each painting was beautiful. We looked at the different styles of paintings that Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt had all used.

We then used water colour paints to create our own poppy field pictures. We learned how to do a colour wash and how to use the paint brush carefully, avoiding scrubbing the paper and thinking about the direction of our strokes. Everyone was very pleased with their work.

Then we watched a video called Austin’s Butterfly.

At the end of the week, having watched the video we shared our pictures with a partner and gave each other some specific feedback. We talked about the precise things we liked and gave some ideas about what we thought might improve the work. Some of us decided to start again, others worked on the same picture. Look at the difference we made.

Version  1IMG_6900 version  2IMG_6901

Version  1IMG_6906 Version 2IMG_6907

Version 1 IMG_6914Version 2 IMG_6915

Here are some more of our final masterpieces.

We all learned some new painting skills and we also learned how listening to specific feedback and practise helps us to improve our work. Maybe some of you could try doing another poppy field painting at home?

8 responses to “Practise, reflection, feedback and perseverance in 2F”

  1. Eden says:

    Hi 2F I love your wonderful art work I hope you enjoyed remembrance day.

  2. Loran says:

    Hello Mrs Fisher. I love your artwork if it is your art work. How is Macey doing in class? I hear your the top at mathletics by the way.

    good bye and please tell macey I have been looking at the blog.

    from logan.

    p.s. I know that sometime macey will hide In the lunchbag cupard

  3. Eva says:

    I love your art work of poppies,the detail is looks professional.

  4. Ashleigh says:

    This looks like lots of fun 2F. It is beautiful art work.
    From Ashleigh!!!

  5. Phoebe's Mum says:

    Great Artwork 2F. Sometimes it is really hard to hear criticism about our artwork but often it helps us produce something even better! Well done!

  6. Karan (Manroop's Mum) says:

    Brilliant pictures with lots of detail and colour. Manroop has told me lots of facts about poppies and WW1. Well done everyone!

  7. Mrs James says:

    What fabulous art work 2F! I am pleased that you persevered because the finished masterpieces are beautiful. Well done.

  8. peterharris says:

    I can see fantastic concentration and perseverance in these photos of the children working on these paintings. This care is reflected in some lovely finished paintings. Well done 2F!

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