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Thursday 23rd April | 5 comments

It’s been a wonderful, sunny week back at school and we have been incredibly busy.

You can imagine our surprise and excitement, when a box arrived on Monday morning.



Inside the box was a letter from Dr.Angela Wilkinson from the Institute of Dragonology in Paris! She is conducting a very important experiment, believing that the character of a dragon is changed by the environment in which the egg lays. Dragon eggs that lay on battle fields, she believes, turn into the fierce and ferocious dragons, such as the one that St George fought. She is hoping that by having the egg in our classroom for 2 weeks, the baby dragon will be born with a kind and hard working nature. The egg will have to be returned to the institute before it hatches, but we will receive back news and possibly some pictures following the birth.

Also on Monday we talked a lot about how we can change the words we use to help us work with a ‘Growth Mindset.’ The children practised using positive words to help them while they were painting dragons. In assembly they role played how we  can change our language to help keep us going and encourage us to do our best.

In Literacy, inspired by the story of St George and the dragon, the children used their own paintings of dragons to help them write some super character descriptions.

We then enjoyed the story, Zog, by Julia Donaldson and wrote character descriptions of Madame Dragon. The children created word webs with all their ideas first. We thought about what she looked like, listed the things we could see (nouns) and then thought of words to describe each thing (adjectives).  We then thought about Madame Dragon’s character and how she behaved, jotting down these ideas too. Using the word webs they had created, the children then chose whether to write in their books or on Purple Mash. Here are some examples of the brilliant work they did. Everyone felt really proud of their effort.

In their Learning Logs, the children have brought home a sheet from Madame Dragon, with tips on writing a brilliant character description. Their task is to either choose a character they like, or to create their own and then write a character description, either in their log or on Purple Mash.

Here is Madame Dragon’s sheet with tips for writing a super character description. Madame dragon is also impressed to see that we are thinking about different sentences starters and that we are really trying to impress our reader. She’s busy writing us another sheet of tips for super sentences and we’ll put it on the blog soon!

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 08.10.21


On St George’s Day, the children who attend Brownies, Rainbows and Cubs all came to school wearing their uniforms. They looked incredibly smart and it was wonderful to see the array of badges that some of the children have worked very hard for. We had a special assembly led by Mrs Loveridge. The story was acted out and then we thought about how brave and courageous St.George was. The children reflected on things that they were afraid or frightened of and we thought of ways we too could overcome our fears

5 responses to “Dragons!”

  1. Kate Heap (Lucy &Tom's mum) says:

    What a lovely video with important positive words. Keep trying to be the best you can be! Your dragon paintings are fantastic. Well done everyone! 2F is such a brilliant team of friends!

  2. Manroop says:

    Wow what excellent descriptive writing! Well done 2F! Keep up the good work!

  3. Nina says:

    I have really enjoyed looking at this blog post with my mummy! The Learning Log sounds really exiting! I do so wish that I had been there. See you tommorow, Nina.( :

  4. Angela (Lauren's mum) says:

    Very impressed Y2F what great learning you have been doing !

  5. Nadine (Logan & Macey's mum) says:

    Stunning dragon pictures 2F. Positive words help you achieve your goals, never give up on yourself and think those inspirational words and not the negative ones. Well done again 2F….You all work so hard

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