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This week in Year 2

Friday 19th January | 1 comment

History and English

We have been learning a lot about the 1960’s through our English lessons this week. We learned about 1960’s homes and  looked at different artefacts. We then wrote some explanations about each of the artefacts. We also watch some video clips about popular toys in the 1960’s. We then sorted some modern toys and 1960’s toys. Some of these were difficult because many toys that became popular in the 1960’s are still popular today! We have also written a non-chronological report about the 1960’s. We remembered to include a main title, subheadings and introduction and fact sentences in paragraphs!


Following on from our work on addition and subtraction last week, we have been applying our calculation strategies in answering one and two step problems.

Can you answer the following problems?


Andy Warhol Art

We have created our own portraits inspired by 1960’s pop artist Andy Warhol.

Polite Request

Next week we are looking forward to our Moving Words Workshop on Thursday. Although the contribution is voluntary, at the moment we do not have sufficient funds to go ahead. Please fill in the reply slip and return any contributions as soon as possible. There will be a performance for parents at the end of the day and we need to know numbers so that we can set up the hall. Thank you for your cooperation.

moving words letter


One response to “This week in Year 2”

  1. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Emily seems to be enjoying learning about the 1960s. She also made a fab Andy Warhol picture of herself the other night. I hope you all enjoy the workshop later in the week.

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