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Chocolate Survey – please let us know what your favourite is.

Sunday 21st June | 9 comments

As part of our DT project we are going to create our own special treats, complete with labels and packaging. To help us, we have been creating and completing some surveys.

The children have completed a survey on Purple Mash and will be using these results as part of this weeks Maths. Mrs Hutchinson has also created a Survey Monkey for parents and staff to complete. I wonder if the results of the adults survey will be the same as the survey we have done in class?

Please click on the image below and then complete the survey for us. We will  reveal the results next week, when we use them to help us decide on our own creations.


9 responses to “Chocolate Survey – please let us know what your favourite is.”

  1. Phoebe's Mum. says:

    This looks like a great project. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of chocolate bars and treats you design.

  2. Dominic's mum says:

    Must. Have. Chocolate!!!

  3. Ellen (Rhys and Erin's mum) says:

    good luck with the results x

  4. Claire Brennan says:

    I enjoyed this survey and would really love a piece of Dairy Milk with my cup of coffee now!

  5. Rob Heap (Charlie's Dad and Governor) says:

    Interesting subject. However it is missing Double Decker which is the king of chocolate bars. The best chocolate is Terry’s Chocolate Orange (which is clearly one of your five a day)

  6. Keiva's mum says:

    A great survey which I enjoyed taking part in! It definitely made me reach for the chocolate cupboard for a bit of chocolate to eat after the survey! I can’t wait to see (and maybe taste) your finished chocolates 2H!

  7. Nadine (Logan & Macey's mum) says:

    This survey has made me want some chocolate mmmm yummy

  8. naheed (umayyahs mum) says:

    Interesting survey on one of my favourite things. I am looking forward to seeing what year 2 do with the results.

  9. Katie's Mum says:

    Interesting results on the survey. I’ll look forward to seeing what the class makes of them!

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