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Adventures on the Moon!

Friday 7th February | 1 comment

This week’s learning started with an exciting journey to the moon! We built a rocket, packed our things and blasted off. Then when we were on the moon, we explored in lots of different ways. We took photographs, collected rock samples, zoomed around on our moon buggies and tinkered with our rockets. We met a very sad alien whose spaceship had crash landed and was now stranded. We did our best to help him get back to his planet by fixing his spaceship. Finally we got back in our rockets and blasted off back to Earth!

We were so impressed with the children and their fantastic imaginations!

2Lo’s adventures:

2La’s adventures:

The children used the drama as a stimulus for writing their own moon adventure stories. They are brilliant!


In maths this week, we have introduced statistics; the children have learned how to create and interpret tally charts and pictograms. Next week we will look at block graphs.

Can children answer these questions?


In history this week, we have been considering whether or not if given the opportunity, we would go into space. The children had to use their knowledge about the lunar landings and space travel to formulate arguments for or against going into space and the moon. The children then presented their argument to the other side. Children voted with their feet to whether they would go into space or not.

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  1. Serens mum says:

    This looks like great fun. It also explains Serens new interest in collecting and examining rocks…

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