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Changes to Friday afternoons

Friday 16th September | 4 comments

On Friday afternoons, the Y2 children will have a change to their usual routines. All the teachers in Key Stage 1 will get their Planning, Preparation and Assessment non-contact time and the children will be doing a range of lessons on a rotation: RE, farming, computer coding, ‘Food and Cooking’ and a series of  local visits.

The local visit this half term is down to Rodley looking at the canal, river, bridges and train line. The children will learn about the difference between a river and a canal. They will also look at an old map and see how the area around Calverley Bridge has changed having had a mill, a weir and a train station previously. The first group seemed to enjoy their 90 minute visit this afternoon and were very observant. They particularly enjoyed exploding Himalayan Balsam seed pods.

Mrs Kenny will generally lead the local visits and we are grateful to Mrs Briggs for coming today as a volunteer. The are other volunteering opportunities on a Friday afternoon – please get in touch if you can help.

4 responses to “Changes to Friday afternoons”

  1. Martin Bilbie (a grand dad) says:

    Sounds exciting, do hope the children collected up the seed from the Himalayan Balsam as it is an invasive species that is causing problems in the UK environment. The UK Environment Agency spends many thousands of pounds a year trying to eradicate it. But it is spectacular to see the pods explode!

    • peterharris says:

      Thanks for the interest and informed comment. The area we visited is regularly ‘bashed’ by someone who clearly shares your concern. I don’t think the area we visit is officially part of the eradication scheme but I will see if the children can try to catch the seeds in plastic bags in future. At the very least, doing this will start a useful conversation.

  2. Kirsty(Charlie's mum) says:

    So lovely to hear about your week and Friday opportunities -sounds great,! Your Roald Dahl day looked fantastic you didn’t look like you enjoyed feeling Mr Twit’s beard very much!

  3. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    It’s great to see the children engaging in different activities on Fridays….Nice to experience all kinds of activities and learn about the environment. Ashwin will really enjoy them.

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