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Happy New Year Y2!

Friday 10th January | 1 comment

What a fantastic start to the New Year we have had!

The children have worked so hard and produced some great work this week.


We have been continuing our work on multiplication this week by learning about arrays. Can you explain what an array is to an adult or even find an example of an array at home?

The children have been recording and representing multiplications in different ways, including using a bar model.

Making Arrays:

Representing multiplications on a bar model:

Next week, we will start to learn about the concept of division!


This week we read the story The Tiger who came to Tea. We looked at the story sequence and enjoyed making a story mountain. Next we planned our own story using a different animal and a different meal using the same story mountain. For example, ‘The Lion who came to Lunch or The Dog who came to Dinner’. Their final stories are brilliantly entertaining!

Historical Enquiry

Before starting our learning about the 1960’s, we looked at important events in history and placed them in order, making a class timeline. We started by working in pairs to put just a few events in order and built up the timeline by joining with another group, then another!

We have been using different enquiry skills to learn all about the 1960’s.
A mysterious suitcase arrived this week full of artefacts. We used careful observation and thought of lots of interesting questions to work out what the artefacts were and when they were from.

Next week, we are looking forward to meeting the owners of the suitcase!

Year 2 Learning Log Homework
This half term we are learning about the 1960s. We would like you to find out what life was like in the 1960s. You could research toys, fashion,
music or houses. If you know someone who remembers the 1960s, you
could ask them some questions.

We look forward to seeing your work! 

One response to “Happy New Year Y2!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    What a great first week back! Annie has been asking her grandma about the 1960s and is looking forward to meeting the owners of the suitcase!

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