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Money, money, money!

Friday 3rd November | 2 comments

Welcome back!

This week we have been working really hard to understand money. We have been recognising coins and their value, counting money, making totals and then finding different ways to pay.

Please try these activities as home:

  1. Count the money in your purse or piggy bank.
  2. Play shops! Make some price labels for your toys or other objects and use coins to make the correct amount.
  3. Find different ways to pay. e.g. When making 15p         10p + 5p = 5p + 5p +5p

In English this week we have been using adjectives in our sentences and descriptions. We have used the story Room on the Broom as our inspiration. Look at all the super expanded noun phrases to make this witch’s potion:

Remember, Remember the 5th of November?

The children now know why we celebrate bonfire night. We learned all about the gunpowder plot and retold the story. We have thought about Fireworks safety and written some rules to follow:

We hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe if you are watching any fireworks.

The Year 2 Team


2 responses to “Money, money, money!”

  1. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Emily enjoyed finding out about the gun powder plot and recounted the story in detail. I was impressed by how much she had remembered.

  2. Zoe Webb says:

    So this now explains why Jack has been counting his money in his money box for Disneyland. Can i no longer claim I have given him more money than I have. Oh gosh this is going to cost me dearly!! Haha

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