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This week in 2F.

Saturday 28th March | 6 comments

What a wonderful week it has been!

I’m sure you have looked at previous posts and have seen the wonderful photos of our trip this week to Skelton Grange. The staff at Skelton Grange were very impressed by both the children’s behaviour and their knowledge about nature. Listening to the children answering and asking questions, showed how much they had learned last week at Rodley Nature Reserve too. In Literacy the children have been writing letters to Rodley and Skelton to say ‘thank you’ for their trips. When we planned our Rodley letter we focused on what we had done throughout the day. Our Skelton letter is focused on what we learned during the day. Here are some pages from the letters we wrote to Rodley. A target for many of the children is to think about making their writing engaging for the reader. How do you think we are doing?

In phonics we focused on alternative ways to write the phoneme ‘ear’ – hear, here, steer, pier. We also worked on joining up our writing using these graphemes. Here is the link to the Spelling City list we used.

In Maths this week we have focused on addition. We explored the range of language that can be used in word problems that shows us the problem is solved by doing an addition. (add, total, sum, altogether, plus, more) We also used our knowledge of partitioning numbers into tens and units to help us set out the problem in columns. Here is a short video to explain the method we have used.

Next week we are moving on to revising subtraction and will also look at laying out subtraction problems in columns.

Have you seen our new class clock too? We are using it all the ‘time’ now and getting to be experts at telling the time and working out what time it will be in after so many hours. Should you need a new kitchen clock, I can really recommend these clocks and they are going to produce a similar watch in a few months time.  http://www.easyreadtimeteacher.co.uk


In ICT the children have enjoyed using PurpleMash. They have learned how to import images, find information from other sites and then write it in their own sentences. They have applied their Literacy learning, so they tried to organise the information they learned about birds into different subheadings, for instance using – description, diet and habitat.

We spotted most of these birds on our visit to Rodley Nature Reserve. Which birds do you see in your garden?

Our Special Mentions this week went to Manroop and Evie for their effort in Maths. They both also practise column addition at home, helping to make them ‘Great Learners.’ Gold Mathletics certificates were achieved by Oliver B, Manroop, Heather and Anya. Well done, to everyone for their hard work and effort this week.

I have been very impressed with the way many of the children are practising their learning at home. The recent Learning Log home work was a delight to mark and I will be handing it out to the children on Monday. Manroop produced her homework on PurpleMash and I thought you would like to share her spring poem, work on daffodils and another bird guide.

Amelia has been working on her times tables and created a wonderful powerpoint with her work on. (Click below to open it as a short movie)


Enjoy your weekend. Next week we are going to learn all about another amazing creature….. click here to discover what it is!

6 responses to “This week in 2F.”

  1. Elliot says:

    Hello Ryan are you having a nice time in Spain I hope your making a lot of new friends and learnig a lot of spanish.

  2. Kirsty (Ninas mum) says:

    I have enjoyed reading the blog with Nina there was so much to catch up on and some very interesting work from the class well done. It was lovely to be part of the Skelton Grange trip and see the children’s enthusiasm for nature and curiosity!

  3. janefisher says:

    Hi Ryan, this is from all of 2F. We were all so excited to get your message on the blog. We all miss you and we’re so happy to know that you’re having a great time in Spain. Write again soon, from all 2F 🙂 🙂

  4. Manroop says:

    Hi Ryan I am glad you have settled into life in sunny Spain. We all miss you and I hope you will come to visit us soon 🙂

  5. Becka (Izzabelle's mum) says:

    Well done children, looks like you’ve had a very productive week! We have a beautiful yellow wagtail that comes into our garden!

  6. ryan finlay says:

    Hi school it’s ryan with a message. I am in spain and I am loving it so far. I miss you all 🙂 I start a new school and I will learn Spanish and catalin that’s it for now And talk soon adios bye

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