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A penguin invasion!

Sunday 18th October | 1 comment

What an incredible week we have had!

Tuesday was World Maths Day and it was brilliant to see so many children, dressed as penguins or in black and white, coming in early to play Mathletics. All week we have worked on addition and subtraction, using our Lego Pocket Penguins, who have been busy exploring 100 squares! The Learning Logs have been sent home with a special Pocket Penguin and a blank 150 rectangle, so that everyone can continue practising. If you would like an extra Pocket Penguin, they will be on sale from Mrs Fisher at 50p, with all the money raised going to Unicef.


The children also enjoyed playing skittles with penguins made from yoghurt drink pots and also sets of pocket penguins. Each team had to add up the total value of the penguins that fell over.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed the special assembly led by the school council and then the Numberfun Keep Fit routine and dance session. You can watch the video shown on Made In Leeds on the Growth Mindset Blog. We also appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Post on Friday evening and on their website. It was wonderful to see so many families at the movie evening, where we all enjoyed watching ‘Happy Feet!


Thank you to everyone who brought in donations or donated on our Just Giving site. We have now raised over £1,200 and I know that some children still have Mathletic sponsor money to collect as the Mathletics week is only just finishing tonight.

In our English lessons, the children wrote instructions for making a pocket penguin.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

We also enjoyed reading ‘The Promise,’ by Nicola Davies. Click here to link to the book’s website. The children have written some excellent descriptions of the city at the beginning of the story and they used charcoal and oil pastels to create some excellent illustrations. Next week we are going to be writing our own versions of ‘The Promise.’

This week’s Special Mentions –

2C – Umayr  – Be the best you can be – For excellent effort in all his lessons this week and a fantastic learning log, I can tell Umayr spends a lot of time on his homework. Well done!

Umayr was also the Mathlete of the Week! Well done for achieving an amazing score of over 11,000.

2C – Laura – Be a good citizen – For being such a helpful and caring member of the class. Laura always cares for and looks after others which is lovely to see, well done!

2F – Joel  – has created some wonderful illustrations based on the book ‘The Promise.’  He has also created more pictures at home and brought them in to show the class. Be the best you can be.

2F – Owen  – has worked hard on his Maths in class and then practised at home using the 100 square that he was given in the Maths at home meeting. He brought in some sheets that show super practise at home. – Being a great learner.

I am delighted to say that this week pupils at Farsley Farfield Primary School have achieved 143 Mathletics certificates; this is a record number for us in one week. Every child in 2F achieved a certificate this week and the class finished the week at 14th on the UK Hall of Fame. Well done to everyone for their effort and hard work.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 18.05.50


One response to “A penguin invasion!”

  1. Laura's mum says:

    Laura had a brilliant day, well done to everyone, she even got her silver certificate!

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