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Being Great Learners. 2F

Saturday 16th May | 8 comments

Each day this week we have found out about a different nocturnal animal. You can see the blog posts, with links, which I posted each day, to help us all find out about bats, hedgehogs, owls and foxes. We followed a link together and the children learned how to make notes. Then on their laptops, by using a series of tabs, they were able to open up Purple Mash,our blog and the links. In the post below, you will see some of the brilliant examples of wordwebs that they created using 2Connect. Children can also log on to Purple Mash at home and show you their work; they can also access all the tools and games within the program from home.

On Friday, we wrote their own information report about nocturnal animals. I was so proud to see the effort that everyone put into their work. The children were so proud of their work; many children wrote more than they ever have written before and remembered many of Madam Dragon’s trip on report writing and the Sentence Doctor work we had done on making sentences better. Below is the front sheet of most of the reports. ( A  few children write quite faintly and it is hard to photograph their work, but do ask if you would like to look at their writing in class.)

On Monday and Tuesday we learned about fractions and how to find a fraction of a number. Below are a couple of links to fun fraction games and Purple Mash has also recently added a couple of fraction games, which we really enjoyed looking at. ( Especially the pizza game!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 06.44.08 Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 06.43.51

On Wednesday and Thursday we recapped and extended our knowledge of time. We have a brilliant new classroom clock, which really helped the children to understand how to tell the time. If you are interested in having one of these clocks at home, here is the link  http://www.easyreadtimeteacher.co.uk ( They are also in the process of developing some wrist watches.)

Here are a few games to practise  telling the time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 06.56.16Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 06.54.45Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 06.57.37


This week, everyone has really challenged themselves and it was incredibly hard to select just two Special Mentions. However, the Mathletics Challenges that we have been doing as morning tasks, showed how much progress these 2 children have made, and this is clearly the result of their practise and effort. Well done for being such ‘Great Learners.’  Our Mathlete of the week, scored over 5,000 points!


8 responses to “Being Great Learners. 2F”

  1. Haris says:

    I love fraction because it is lots of fun

  2. Husna says:

    Thank you Mr Harris I hope that you are going to come back at school very very Solomon!

  3. peterharris says:

    Thank you for this fantastic writing 2F! I loved reading all about the nocturnal animals and I can see that your writing has really improved over the course of Year 2.

    I used to see bats in my garden around dusk – do you know when that is? I haven’t seen them for a few years which is a shame. Perhaps I should put up some bat boxes in my trees for them to live in? I haven’t seen any hedgehogs since my childhood – I have heard that they are endangered – do you know why? I have seen one badger near my house – it was after midnight!

    I agree that foxes are mainly nocturnal, but we do see then in the light too. We often see a fox going through our garden: right to left at around 8am and left to right at around 8pm. A fox killed my chickens recently in the daylight, at around 8am and in the past we have had chickens killed in the middle of the day – although that might have been dog rather than a fox. Last week, Ms Howells and Archie saw a fox on their way to school at 8.30am. It was in the farmer’s field and it was carrying a big, fat chicken in its jaws!

    Thanks again for your fantastic efforts with the writing. I am feeling much better and I will see you all after half term.

    Have a great holiday!

    Mr Harris

  4. logan says:

    I am very proud of Macey because of her home work. She did a excellent book about nocturnal animals. I didn’t know that moles use there sense of smell to find food. They do this because they are blind.

    P.S. tell Macey that I am proud of her because her picture is on the blog.

  5. karndip says:

    I like seeing who has the mathletic trophy.

  6. preeya says:

    I loved doing the 2connect and my favourite was the bats

  7. Husna says:

    I love lerning about time it is colllllll

  8. Amanda - Ben's mum says:

    Ben has been telling me all about the work he has written about for Mr. Harris. We hope he is doing well.

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