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Being great learners.

Sunday 28th June | 2 comments

It’s been another incredibly busy week again! Everyone has worked incredibly hard, some of the children have even been asking to stay in for some of their lunchtimes to keep going with their work!

On Monday morning, I took a group of children from 2H and 2F to Asda to survey the boxes of chocolates that they sell. The rest of year 2 worked together, surveying each other to find out if there was a difference of opinion between 2H and 2F.

The children discussed their findings. We looked at the use of colour and discovered that Cadbury’s use purple a lot, while other chocolate brands that are appealing to grown ups tend to use colours combinations like cream and gold. Chocolates marketed to families tend to be brightly coloured, like Celebrations and Maltesers. We also noticed that most of the boxes had pictures of chocolates on them. The majority were cuboids, although there were some other interesting shapes, such as the triangular based prism, which we all recognised as the Toblerone box. How would you describe the shape of the Celebrations or Roses boxes?

Looking at our first box designs, many of us have realised that we could improve upon them, so that will be a task for next week!

In Literacy the children have been writing their own Chapter Stories, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have put so much effort into these stories and are now working on a second, improved draft of them. Next week we will share these stories with the children from 1GJ, who are coming for a special story session on Wednesday afternoon. More completed stories will be put on next weeks blog post. Some children chose to redraft on Purple Mash, while others are handwriting theirs out again. Here is Manroop’s brilliant story. In the printed version, she has added pictures to the pages which lack them in this version.

This week we have welcomed two teachers from the school in Kangra, India, which I visited earlier in the year. Reenu and Meenashki came to join in with a Maths lesson. We read the beginning of a story called ‘One Grain of Rice,’ and then started to work out how much rice the girl would get. At the beginning of the challenge we didn’t think it would be a lot, but as we worked, we discovered the power of doubling! At the end of the session, we read the rest of the story and discovered how Rani had used her knowledge of Maths to trick the Raja and help her village.

On Thursday, all KS1 and Reception gathered together for a Special Assembly, to say ‘good-bye’ to our Indian visitors. We presented them with Farsley Farfield sweatshirts to take back to their children and copies of the story of the Gruffalo and a Gruffalo toy, so that they can share this story back in their classes and with their families, while reminiscing about how they met the Gruffalo in the woods at Farsley Farfield on the first afternoon of their visit!

In Special Mention this week, we celebrated the achievements of the children who represented Farsley Farfield at a Mini Olympics Event. Mr Wilkinson has posted more details about the event and pictures on the Year 6 Blog.



Another Gold Award was presented and this weeks Mathlete of the Week achieved over 9,200+ points. This week’s Mathlete of the week has achieved the incredible total of 161,827 points so far this year! Last week 2F achieved 28 certificates, very nearly a full house! Well done everyone for your continued practise and hard work.

IMG_0523 IMG_0524


Special Mentions this week were for perseverance and hard work to complete some more objectives on their Maths Passport and for excellent story writing.


Also in Special Mention we celebrated achievement in dance assessments and listened to some lovely piano music. It is always wonderful to celebrate all the learning and achievements the children make at home, as well as at school.

IMG_0529 IMG_0528

The children were very excited to learn that Mr Sharp is their new class teacher next year and next week they will get an opportunity to visit him and their new classroom, 3S.

Letters will be going out next week with a few dates for your diaries and further details, but you might like to add these dates to your calendar now.

Thursday July 8th – Ks1 Sharing Sessions. Before school and at the end of the day, you can visit your child’s class and look at their work with them. Completed exercise books will be going home.

Monday July 13th – 2F trip to Goole. Co-op Farm. Children arrive back about 4.00pm.

Tuesday July 14th – 4.30pm. Transition Meeting in South Hall. Information and a tour of KS2 for all Year 2 families.

Wednesday July 15th  – 2.00pm. Year 2 & 3 picnic. Parents are invited to join this fun event, hosted by Year 3.

Thursday July 16th  – Sports Day.

You can see, it’s going to be a busy, fun few weeks, and it looks like some nice weather is forecast too!

2 responses to “Being great learners.”

  1. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    It has been lovely to read all about your busy week – the marshmallow catapault sounded like great fun with the surprise of the elastic band being the best! Did you get to eat them at the end- apparently yes?

    It looks like there were lots of proud children this week and another busy week ahead.

  2. Nina says:

    I really enjoyed looking at the blog with my mummy. It was quite a challenge playing in front of everyone, but the reason why I did play was because I knew I’d been practising! I’m still practising now, even though I’ve already played!

    Nina xxx

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